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Parties are attended by people with much anticipation and people often end up being sitting idle. Boredom strikes with full force when there are no fun activities to be done during a party. If you are looking to spice up the party then engaging guests in playing the board game is one of the best ideas.

We have gathered 5 best party board games for adults to have most of the get-together and enjoyment is at its peak. These board games are tried and tested so one should go for them without giving a second thought.


Catan has the capacity to create a fun and competitive environment among the players involved in the game. The race is to become the dominant force on the island of Catan. Constructing a habitat for mankind is one of the core goals of a player.

The player owning the best civilization gets 10 victory points and is declared the winner of the game. Civilizations are surrounded with the build-up of settlements, cities and roads. For each dice rolled on the turn, players have to decide between the options of collecting different resources.

Trivial Pursuit Master Edition

Sometimes going classic is the best option to select and there is no difference of opinion in this masterpiece also. Even if someone is not interested to join the party they will also give a second thought to miss the fun of playing Trivial Pursuit.

When the number of participants is higher in number they can be accommodated with the team formation but six people can play at one time. Succeeding Genus Edition, 3000 new questions are added to challenge experienced Trivial Pursuit players. The electronic timer helps in maintaining the quick pace of the game.


Nothing is better than playing a spy game and the involvement of guessing skills. Codenames makes two teams clash with each other and secret identities of agents are to be discovered. The game is moderated by spymasters who give one-word clues to help in determining the real identities. Words point to multiple options on the board and the guessing game continues until all the identities are revealed. A team which guesses all the roles and identities first is the winner.

Cash N Guns

Well, it makes the gangster fantasies come true almost and it is an incredible achievement of this board game. The conflict arises among the gangsters who are looting a warehouse and they aren’t able to equally split the wealth.

So these gangsters take up the guns to decide the matter between them. Each player tries to get the others killed and this creates an amazing environment for the playing individuals. On each turn, the player calls out the shots as he is the Don at his turn. Each skirmish will leave the cash for the survivors and the richest survivor, in the end, will be victorious.


One of the old most fun party game which involves a larger mat instead of a classical board. This is the best challenging game involving players to physically move around the mat painted with color spots. Players move around the color spots with no touching of knees or elbows to the ground. The last man standing has to be a winner while creating too much fun and memories.

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