Super Mecha Champions Pre-Registration Event is coming! Fulfill Your Mecha Dream!

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You are the next Ace Mecha Pilots!

About Mecha, I believe that it is the childhood dream of many people. From the oldest Mecha Mazinger Z, to the most extensive Gundam series and the long-established EVA, you are constantly lightening the Mecha of your heart! Now you will have a chance to become an ace driver, and have an unparalleled online Mecha confrontation with your armies!

Developed by NetEase, the city animation style competitive game “Super Mecha Champions – High Energy Motor TPS” recently announced that it will be introduced to Southeast Asia, and immediately launch the Pre-registration Event activity!

If you want to get a lot of rewards at the beginning of the game, you can invite your friends who are interested in Mecha, follow the official fan group and Pre-registration Event, getting this special Mecha competitive game rewards and the latest information!

The reward of Pre-registration Event! Get the Mysterious Mecha!

The pre-registration activity of this Super Mecha Champions is expected to start from now until 05/23. More drivers pre-register, more rewards you will receive when the game is officially launched. If it can reach the highest goal of 200,000 people, everyone will unlock the mysterious Mecha when entering the game, it is so rewarding!

Here is the bonus of this activity, please try to achieve it!

  • Reserved Amount 10,000 Players: Coin x 588 
  • Reserved Amount 30,000 Players: Coin x 888
  • Reserved Amount 50,000 Players: Alpha Token x 188
  • Reserved Amount 100,000 Players: Mecha PB Card x 2
  • Reserved Amount 150,000 Players: Lottery Ticket x 3
  • Reserved Amount 200,000 Players: One Free Super Surprise Mecha Unlocked

Competitive game 

“Super Mecha Champions – High-energy Motor TPS” is different from general shooting competitive games. The game is full of ACG Japanese-style 3D-colored scenes, the battlefield is combined with a variety of Mecha, and diversified weapons, such as Plasma Beams, Seeker Missiles, Sniper Rifles, Flamethrowers, and awesome anti-Mecha weapons, all can be used in the game! A lively and powerful shooting experience that will bring you a new feeling of shooting a competitive game.

Animation Style Mecha

In the part of the in-game character, it also has a beautiful animation style. When you use your character to enter the battlefield, your character will be as charming as you come out of the animation.

Well-known CV dubbing for game

The most amazing thing is the voice part of the game. We adopt the Japanese language by using the voice of the famous Characters, Rom and Ning. They will be dubbed by well-known Japanese CV Tomokazu Seki (who once voiced for (Fate/Zero, Invisible Victory, Steins Gate) and Sato Rina (who once voiced for (RAILGUN, Revelations: Persona, Minami-Ke_Okaeri)! Such vivid and graceful words, I believe that players who love Japanese animation will have a familiar feeling.

Exciting Competition is beginning

Super Mecha Champions-High Energy Motor TPS” pre-registration event has already begun, I believe that the official launch is not far away! For fans of shooting competitive game, animation, and mecha, this is definitely an innovative game you have no reason to miss. For drivers intending to participate in the pre-registration activity to be the first group entering the game, please pay more attention to the relevant information of Facebook! Imagine being able to drive your own mecha and have a real competitive game. It is so exciting for the launch!

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