StygianForce Launches First-Ever Mobile Gaming Accessories Kit On Kickstarter

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StygianForce introduces the complete mobile gaming accessories kit with 5 essential products to take any mobile gaming experience to the next level. The StygianForce Professionals Kit (“SF Pro Kit”) features a comfort defining grip, revolutionary mechanical triggers and cleaning essentials packaged into one.

Aspiring mobile gaming accessories brand StygianForce today launched their Professionals Kit on crowd-funding site Kickstarter. Starting from US$69 for early adopters, the SF Pro Kit is the first mobile gaming accessories kit designed to give you the gaming edge you always wanted while gaming on your smartphones.

The StygianForce Professionals Kit (SF Pro Kit) is created by understanding what a gamer needs. With 5 essential products – MobileGrip™, MobileTrigger™, Mobile Care Wipes™, MicroFiber Cloth, and a Leather Carrying Pouch ready to use out of the box; the SF Pro Kit is ideal for casual or hardcore gamers alike. Priced without middleman mark-ups, StygianForce ensures that there are no compromises made on the quality of materials and it is made accessible for anyone who wants an upgraded mobile gaming experience. Gaming at the highest level could very well be a reality.

All 5 products comprised in the SF Pro Kit are essential to achieve the best mobile gaming experience, with the StygianForce MobileGrip being the core takeaway from the kit – It is an analog gaming controller. Unlike other controllers, StygianForce MobileGrip does not face issues like technical failures, compatibility issues or risks on getting banned after being detected for the use of 3rd party software to “cheat” by the games you play. This is made possible because it is designed to operate without batteries, the result of zero electronics involved and does not require tampering with any game or device software. Most importantly, it appeals to users who prefer the authenticity of using the touchscreen for mobile gaming.

Clement Teo, Co-Founder of StygianForce, explains: “Smartphones were not physically designed for gaming and the discomfort from trying to wrestle the phone while gaming is a hindrance to performance. Many brands have dictated that a direct port of console controllers is the way to go, but it was not perfect. We believe that mobile gaming is not a subset of console gaming and should in fact be treated as a genre on its own. As end-consumers ourselves, we wanted a solution that would better serve mobile gamers who experienced these problems on a daily basis. As a result, not only did we come up with a better controller alternative, we worked on 4 more solutions to tackle the other problems faced.”

Seth Goh, Co-Founder of StygianForce adds: “We have a philosophy that when it comes to gaming, winning is 60% gear and 40% skill. With just a top-of-the-line smartphone, it didn’t even feel like I was on the same playing field as someone using the SF Pro Kit. Without the right gear, it’s half the battle lost.”

About StygianForce Professionals Kit

StygianForce Professionals Kit is currently only available in Black. There are plans for more colors depending on the success of the campaign, which will be offered via the stretch goals. Pre-orders are available from March 2019 to April 2019 on StygianForce’s Kickstarter page

Besides being an analog controller, StygianForce MobileGrip features an ergonomic silhouette that is similar to iconic first-rate flagship gaming controllers, optimized to improve performance and maximize hand-usage. Comfort is customizable to individual preferences via 3 different interchangeable GripLocks™ fitting for different finger sizes and games.

MobileTrigger – Impeccable Control

StygianForce MobileTrigger™ is designed to primarily improve on the “Claw Grip” but also acts as an alternative for those who are not able replicate it. Instead of the conventional plastic, by casting the triggering points in aluminium, the resulting actuation force gives you the highly desirable tactile feedback that you crave when gunning down your enemies.

Microfiber Cloth – Uncompromised Quality

StygianForce Microfiber Cloth is designed with 70% Polyester & 30% Polyamide European hybrid weave that is made 30% thicker to remove dust, dirt, liquid stains, grime and most importantly oily fingerprints smudges without the use of any chemicals. Most importantly, it is 100% safe for cleaning all types of surfaces, primarily delicate glass surfaces.

Mobile Care Wipes – Meticulous Upkeep

StygianForce Mobile Care Wipes™ is designed to be phone-safe, it is tested clinically safe to be used on your own skin. Our potent antibacterial disinfecting wipes – kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, removes any common allergens or hard to remove stains on your phone screen.

Leather Carrying Pouch – Portable Luxury

StygianForce Leather Carrying Pouch is handcrafted and pieced together with quality vegan leather to ensure a premium long-lasting strength. Made to be compact in size to fit in your pocket, handbag, backpack for easy access when you need it on the go, it is still able to house all your StygianForce mobile gaming accessories.


The StygianForce Professionals Kit has a listed retail price of US$99 but the Kickstarter exclusive super early bird tiers will be priced at US$69, limited to the first 100 pieces.

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