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If you recently claimed the Kafra Blessing Giftbox that you receive from the mail, you probably receive a mysterious redeem/shop item called Kafra Emblem. Unfortunately, the item is currently not yet available in the game and many players are so excited to see whats inside this shop. When you try opening this item it will only give you a blank page.

If you’re playing Ragnarok Mobile right now, you’ll notice a server message appears on the bottom of the game screen saying “Kafra Emblem Shop will be available after 1st May.”. That means we can only unveil this shop after May 1.

This item is part of the event Kafra Co’s Labor Day.

What is Kafra Blessing Giftbox

It is a giftbox that contains a random item, the item includes the following:

  • 10 x Kafra Emblem, 2 x Mora Coin
  • Cersei’s Memory Blueprint

In our case, we got a total of 30 x Kafra Emblem and 6 x Mora Coin.

Items in Kafra Emblem Shop

For the items inside the Kafra Emblem (KE), the following are the item you can buy.


Gold Medal
10 pcs20 KE

5 x Adventure Meatball
99 pcs2 KE

5 x Eden Coin
99 pcs1 KE

Seed of Mastela
3 pcs25 KE

Oracle Dust
12 pcs10 KE

Oracle Crystal
12 pcs15 KE

Food Voucher
10 pcs15 KE

Kafra Teleport Ticket
99 pcs1 KE

Cersei’s Memory Blueprint

Aside from getting this on the giftbox, this blueprint is also now available in Exchange for around 900k zeny. Here are the stats of it.

ItemDescriptionDeposit / Unlock Rewards

Cersei’s Memory Blueprint
Luk +5
Attack Spd + 5%

Type: Head

(665+1) x Abyss Flower
(665+1) x Brigan
25 x Topaz
1 x Mastela Fruit


Deposit Reward: Atk + 3, MaxHP + 30
Unlock Reward: M.Atk + 3, MaxHP +30

Where to Farm Kafra Emblem

You can join the Event 2: Kafra Co. Mission to get daily rewards of Kafra Blessing Box which contains 10 x Kafra Emblems.

You can now head to Prontera North and farm up to 400 Kafra Emblem every day. It will be available starting May 16 up to May 23. During that day, every 1:00PM to 2:00PM (Manila, Philippine Time) and 7:00PM to 8:00PM (Manila, Philippine Time) there will be some invader monster that will appear in the Prontera North, defeating these monster will get you a chance to drop a Kafra Emblem.

The maxium Kafra Emblems that you can get per day is 400. If we total that for 7 days, you’ll get around 2,800 Kafra Emblems.

That’s it guys!

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