How to Use Fool’s Golden Egg (Vanity Merchant) in Albion Online

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Each year during the Holy Week and Easter week in the month of April, Albion Online mysteriously placed a colorful bright egg object randomly on the map of Albion. When you encounter this egg, you need to destroy it in order for you to loot the Fool’s Golden Egg. You can get as much as 20 to 40 egg per loot.

If you want to loot many of these egg, you can actually stay on the area where you looted the egg and it will just respawn after 25 seconds then you can loot it again. You can also buy from the market which cost around 15 Silver but only available during the Holy Week.

These Fool’s Golden Egg can be exchange for different types of Lv. 3 bunny items from costume equipments and display chest.

How to Craft Fool’s Golden Egg

You can exchange Fool’s Golden Egg from Vanity Merchant. You can locate this merchant at the center of every city, it usually located near the storage chest and Island Merchant.

Talk to the merchant and access the Vanity Tab (Hourglass Icon).

From here, you can access and craft the following items.


Snow Bunny Stalker Hat
40,000 x Fool’s Golden Egg

Bunny Stalker Hat
5,000 x Fool’s Golden Egg

Bunny Stalker Overalls
3,000 x Fool’s Golden Egg

Bunny Stalker Shoes
1,000 x Fool’s Golden Egg

Bunny Stalker Basket
1 x Journeyman’s Cape
500 x Fool’s Golden Egg

Egg-shaped Chest
5000 x Fool’s Golden Egg

That’s it! Hope this help you figure out how to use those Fool’s Golden Egg.

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