How to Get More Easter Egg in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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Starting Easter Sunday, there will be new event called Easter Egg in Geffen. The name of the quest is The Human Doll and the objective is The Easter Festmaster’s Strange Journey. Once you talk to the NPC Robert every day you’ll get a present Easter Egg!

This is a limited-time only event that will start on April 21 and will end on April 26.

Items in Easter Egg – Luck

The following are the item that you can exchange for an Easter Egg – Luck (EEL).


Bunny Egg Backpack Blueprints
INT + 2
Holy Attack + 3

Deposit Reward: Max HP + 30
Unlock Reward: M.Def + 30

222 x Rotten Bandage
477 x Feather
1 x Mastela Fruit
25 x Topaz
800 EEL

Mercenary Ticket
Voucher to hire Mercenary Cats20 EEL

Training Ground Monster Report
Voucher to auto-complete the Training Ground Monster20 EEL

Kafra Teleport Ticket
Voucher to get Free Teleport from Kafra10 EEL

Mercenary’s Mission
Voucher to clear the Mission Board quest20 EEL

Food Voucher
Voucher to redeem Food or Meal.60 EEL

How to do the Easter Egg Quest

The task is very easy, you just need to go to Geffen, then at the left right corner of the map at 9 o’clock, talk to Robert Easter Festmaster. You just need to accept the quest and just listen to his story. After that, you’ll get a 20 x Easter Egg -Luck.

Repeat this daily to get more Easter Egg.

How to get More Easter Egg

You can also get more Easter Egg from killing any types of monster. They randomly drop an Easter Egg during the event day.

You can also buy Easter Egg from the exchange and seller can sell the egg until April 26. The Easter Egg Luck item will be remove from the exchange after May 15, 2019.

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