How to Dance (Emotes) in Albion Online

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If you’re curious of some players in the game are dancing and cheering and have no idea on how to do that. Well, we also struggle how to that in the game and ending up asking the other players party how to dance.

To dance in Albion Online, you just need to type the following command on the chat box “/dance“.

List of All Emotes

You can also use these other command to do an emotes in the game.

  • /applaud – Character will clap 3 times
  • /beg – Character will acts hungry reaching his stomach
  • /bow – Character will bow
  • /cheer – Character will cheer saying “Yeah! Wohoo”
  • /cry – Character will cry
  • /dance – Character will dance and clapping saying “Hmm Hmmm.. Ah Ah Ooooh. Yeaaahhh!”
  • /flex – Character will do flexing
  • /laugh – Character will laugh “ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha, ha ha haaah”
  • /point – Character will point a way using his left arm
  • /salute – Character will do a salute
  • /sit – Character will sit
  • /wave – Character will do a wave

You’ll also earn an achievements called “Emotional” as well as on Steam Achievements once you’ve completed all of the above emotions.

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