Gameworks Tokenized EcoSystem is a Game Changer

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During the Gamecon Philippines 2019 at the SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia, Gameworks exhibited their newly launched tokenized gaming ecosystem that helps game publishers and developers to have a platform to monetize, publish, promote, and license their game. It also provides gamers with a gateway to access games easily and win tokens.

Formerly known as ReadyPlayGo, Gameworks is a 100 percent Filipino owned company under the parent company, Blockchip, which develops BlockChain-centric products. The company has gone full swing for building and shipping the GameWorks ecosystem.

Gameworks is a gaming platform like Steam, Origins, UPlay and that holds various types of games for players to play. It also serves as a payment gateway and a wallet for players to pay, where they can send or received money from the game using its currency or token called GWX. Game publishers and developers can also create variety of monetization methods for their games using the ecosystem.

Gameworks Wallet

A mobile app that players and publisher can send, receive and transact using the GWX token. The token can be used either in the game or with other players. It can also be use with other Gameworks merchants. Each GWX is equivalent to 0.003 USD or 0.16 PHP.

Gameworks Wallet also has a built-in QR code scanner where players can send or receive GWX Token within the app.

Apart from using the Gameworks Wallet from gaming, it can also be used as a payment method to purchase merchandise with their partnered establishment whether it’s physical goods or digital goods.

Gameworks Game Central

The Gameworks Game Central is the primary market facing application of the whole ecosystem where the game publisher can publish and monetize their game. This is also where players can download and play games. The whole ecosystem is run with GWX token. It is planned to go live this year, June 2019.

GWX Token Depot

The GWX Token Depot is where publisher and players can buy GWX Token used to run and play the games. It is also planned to enlist the GWX token to a number of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Blockchain Transaction

Blockchain Transaction ensure that the transaction is secured and transparent as they are using blockchain technology for every transaction used in the ecosystem. Every records and transaction in blockchains are tamperproof and can easily verifiable by anyone that has access to the network.

Game Development Possibilities

Each game will be available through their Gameworks Game Central which is powered with GWX token that provides game publisher a new and innovative way of monetizing their games. It gives them the liberty and flexibility to build their own business models to sustain, maintain and scale their game.

Gameworks ecosystem is more open and has lots of possibilities to incorporate new ideas. Developers can put up a leaderboard award system where players can win a prize pool for players who join the game, who gets the highest score wins the pot. Just like the example demo of the Space Invader game at the Gameworks booth where players who gets the highest score on the end of the Gamecon PH 2019 will get the pot.

Gameworks is also developing the Gameworks Service Stact which will announce soon to the public, a tool for game developers and publishers to use to access the Gameworks API through their game.


Although GameWorks is open to new ideas, they also ensure that every game in their platforms follows their strict guidelines, especially in terms of fair gameplay, security and transparency of each transaction.

Trying out the Gameworks Wallet

The wallet app is now available in the Google Play store. Registering an account is as easy as 1-2-3. You only need your full name, email address and a password.

Completing the registration will allow you to back up your online wallet with a 12-word mnemonic phrase. This allows you to recover your account in case of loss. You need to take down the phrase because you needed it on the next step.

The next step is setting up a wallet password. This password is different from your account password, this password is used every time you transfer money from your wallet.

Now that all are set, you can now see your Gameworks Dashboard with a wallet for both GWX and XEM cryptocurrency.

To receive, you just have to press the Receive Tab from the dashboard then the QR Code and the Wallet address will be shown.

To send, press the Send Tab from the dashboard then you can write the wallet address or scan the QR code of the receiver and enter the GWX amount.

You can also check your account details in order to update your profile and check your backup phrase.

Where to Buy GWX Token

Right now, you can buy GWX Token from their website. Soon it will be available through the GWX Token Depot.

Now Available in Google Play

The Gameworks Wallet is available for download at the Google Playstore, with an ongoing airdrop free tokens for the first 10,000 wallet registrations. The iOS version of the app will be released soon.

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