Albion Online is Now Free to Play! Available in Steam, Mac OS and Android

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EVE-inspired MMO game Albion Online goes free to play today! Anyone in the world can get a glimpse to this ambitious fantasy MMO game.

The game is a cross-platform game which is available in both PC and mobile devices. You can download the game from their website for PC, Mac OS, Linux and Android; or on Steam for PC.

Albion devs describe the games as a hardcore experience with a player-driven economy where the game evolves overtime based from the contribution of players and guilds. Where they can build in-game businesses or create a ruthless battle of territory.

One of the great news about this game is free players has no gameplay restrictions, meaning they can play all aspects of the game without cashing out money. However, players who purchase the founders packs will be rewarded with a Specter wolf mount, 1000 colds and a three days of premium stats and an in-game ring.

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