Which Developer is Behind Apex Legends? It’s Respawn Entertainment

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The hottest Battle Royale today is the Apex Legends. It has taken the Battle Royale scene by storm; hitting millions of players on the first day of launch. According to Twitch stats, Apex Legends is the top games played in the site next to Fortnite.

But first of all, who’s the developer behind the Apex Legends? the studio behind it is the Respawn Entertainment, also the developer of the game Titanfall series. If you’ve noticed, most of the 3d assets in the Apex Legends are identical – it’s because they use the same asset and somehow improves some of the details to fit in the Apex Legends world.

The founder of Respawn Entertainment is Jason West and Vince Zampella, one of the original founders of Infinity Ward and core developer of the Call of Duty series. The duo founder has been split since 2010 when both were fired due to insubordination during an ongoing dispute over royalties in the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. Years later, the two guy form a new team called Respawn and partners with EA to produce their own franchise and that is the Titanfall.

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