What is Random Chip Package (Blessing of Goddess) in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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When you participate in GVG or War of Emperium (WoE) you’ll get a chance to received a Random Chip Package when you participate and win the war. The rewards usually sent through the in-game mail.

Random Chip Package is an voucher like item where you can use to the Blessing of Goddess to increase various attributes for your character and reflects to the Guild Blessing attributes.

Currently, you can use Contribution Points and a Zeny to pray to Valkyrie to increase stat and reflects to Pray to Goddess attributes.

There are 3 types of Random Chip Package (Blessing of Goddess).

Attack (Red)

  • Dmg to Demi-Human
  • Crit.Dmg
  • Ignore Def
  • Pen.
  • Atk
  • Refine Atk
  • Ignore M.Def
  • M.Pen
  • Refine M.Atk

Defense (Blue)

  • Max HP
  • Neutral Dmg Reduc.
  • Dmg Reduc.
  • Crit. Def.
  • Crit. Res.
  • Magic Reduc.
  • Def
  • M.Def

Element (Yellow)

  • Wind Dmg
  • Earth Dmg
  • Fire Dmg
  • Water Dmg
  • Wind Dmg
  • Wind Dmg Reduc.
  • Earth Dmg Reduc.
  • Water Dmg Reduc.
  • Fire Dmg Reduc.
  • Holy Dmg
  • Holy Dmg Reduc.

The amount of Chip Package needed depends on the level of the attributes, the higher the level the higher Chip Package is required to level it up.

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