What is Makuro Squirrel Monster Egg Pet, Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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On the 5th day of Ragnarok M Eternal Love Daily sign-in rewards, you’ll be rewarded with a new pet called Makuro Squirrel Monster Egg. It is a cute little squirrel holding a clover leaf.

Every new pet has a new set of skills, Makuro skill is more on HP and SP support and make your character stronger against earth elemental monsters. Here are the skills of Makuro.


Cute Lv.5
Active Skill
Deals Atk * 300% Earth Element Damage to a single target, has 10% chance to silence the target for 3 seconds.

Casting Range: 1.5m
Skill Cooldown: 5.0 Seconds

Environmental Skill Lv.10
Passive Skill
Increases normal materials gained in adventure by 11

Can’t Upgrade

Vivid Lv.5
Passive Skill

Increase master and pet’s 100 Max HP and 10 Atk

Can’t Upgrade

Magical Lv.2
Passive Skill
Increase master and pet’s 4 Max SP and 4 M.Atk

Labor: Cooking I Lv.10
Passive Skill
Increases working efficiency by 5% at the Cooking Center

When the intimacy reaches certain level, here are some of the unlock Makuro can give your character:

  • Intimacy Lv. 3 – unlocks Dispatch
  • Intimacy Lv.5 – Boosts working efficiency by 2%
  • Intimacy Lv.8 – Boosts working efficiency by 5%
  • Intimacy Lv.10 – Unlocks Accessory Location & Boosts working efficiency by 10%

For it’s default stat, see the screenshot below.

Food for Makuro: Eastern Hazelnut

To feed Makuro and increase intimacy, you need a pet food called Eastern Hazelnut. For now, we don’t have any information where to obtain this pet food material but will update this post once we got those info.

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