What is Legendary Smelter (Artifact Quest, Forging, Refine) in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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A new guild facility is now available in the Guild Hall Construction, the Legendary Smelter. Your guild leader or vice leader can access this upgrades by talking to the NPC, Stewart Cat to start the construction.

Legendary Smelter is the facility where you can craft the Artifact God Weapon found on the northern part of the Guild Hall. It requires Artifact material to craft a Artifact God Weapon. The names of these weapons is not yet released, but there’s a hint in the update note called “Spear or Fist” Artifact. This info will be updated as soon we’ve tried opening the Legendary Smelter.

Together with that, once your guild has successfully obtain at least one Artifact Shard from participating in the GvG (War of Emperium). Your Leader and Vice-Leader will have an immediate access to the Artifact Quest in your Guild Hall (North Portion).

Right now, the quest in Artifact quest are just temporary. They’ll update it on the next update.

Artifact Distribution

  • Leaders and Vice-Leader of the guild can distribute the artifacts from the Guild Menu.
  • All of the Guild Materials is displayed in the Guild Storage Menu as well.

Artifact Forging

  • After completing the Artifact Quest, the Leader or Vice-Leader can use Artifact Materials in the Artifact Hall to forge Artifacts.
  • Leveling up the construction will increase the number of Artifacts that can be used and the amount of same-type artifacts in use.
  • After completing the Artifact Quest, the Artifacts can be forged in the Artifact Hall.

Refine Enhance

  • Spend materials to Refine Enhance an ‘Equipment Slot’* After Refine Enhancing a slot, and equipping that slot, the Enhanced Attributes will be amplified.
  • ‘Refine Enhance’ materials can be obtained in the Incredible Vending Machine, with Mr. Dragon’s Assistant, or by merging common materials with boss materials.
  • Leveling up the construction will unlock more ‘Refine Enhance’ types. Initially, only Weapons and Accessories are available.

That’s it guys! Hope this info helps you uncover what is the Legendary Smelter and Artifact Weapon.

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