Skinwallet Review: Is It Legit?

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What is Skinwallet? If you are wondering where you can sell your unwanted CS: GO skins, we’ve got the best solution. Most gamers can relate with the agony of steam markets that never allow you to monetize your skins but instead permit you to redeem them for digital goods within their platform. And even if you can fetch high prices for your skins, you don’t get to cash out the funds.

Skinwallet gives you the best of both worlds. It gives you great value for your skins and allows you to instantly cash out the funds to your PayPal account.

Skinwallet is a legit, advanced, sophisticated trading platform that is shaping the gaming industry. It allows you to pay for software, gaming keys and game products using skins from steam games.

Skinwallet focuses on but is not limited to counter strike: global skin trading. This is because CS: GO skins are one of the most stable and excellent investments in the gaming industry.

Why you should choose Skinwallet Payment method

1. Instant payments

Skinwallet offers you an immediate payout solution when you decide to monetize your skins. It is an ideal check out platform for systems like skrill, PayPal, bitcoin and bank transfer among other payment platforms.

2. Privacy

Your payment records are kept intact and anonymous. The site doesn’t require any personal data from their users. All you need is a gaming nickname.

3. Accuracy

Skinwallet guarantees you of 100% accurate payments. You never have to worry about losing your money. If you have a skin value that exceeds the cash received, the remaining amount is automatically refunded into your account for future transactions.

How does Skinwallet work?

Skinwallet is the best platform to trade your skins for money and especially if you want to sell a huge chunk of your skin bundles at once.  They have a user-friendly platform with tight security to safeguard your details.

The cash out process is super fast and reliable with these three easy steps:

1. Log into Skinwallet

You can log into Skinwallet by using your steam account details either by signing up through steam on their page or log into steam and proceed to your Skinwallet account and confirm your sale of skins from your steam account.

Skinwallet features a robust security framework and whichever way you log into their platform your personal information is secure.

2. Sell your skins to Skinwallet

You can then view the prices for skins in the inventory you will receive from your Skinwallet account. You have the option to filter your skin by the state of quality and wear and also weapon type.

Choose the skins you’d like to sell by just clicking on them, and they’ll be marked with a green check sign. Keep in mind you need to add a valid stream trade URL to your account and set your inventory to public view.

3. Accept the trade offer

After selecting all the skins you want to monetize, accept the deposit transaction by clicking on the green box at the far lower right corner of your screen. You will be directed to a pop-up window with the specific features of each skinwallet bot.

Click on “proceed to offer” button to open a new window with the transaction of each bot. Your account is updated in no time after you finalize the transactions. You also have the option to payout your funds to your PayPal account.

How easy is it to use Skinwallet?

When you visit the site for the first time, it’s clear on the home page that this is a skin trading platform. They have a clear purpose that is easy to comprehend.

Skinwallet has a user-friendly design that is appealing to the average person with no technical background. The layout is straightforward and makes you feel at ease with the site.

The titles, links, texts are easy to locate. When I first visited the site, I loved the way it isn’t all too cluttered which is excellent and doesn’t freak the readers out. The minimum graphics ensure fast loading times to other pages and links. And the main menu on the left-hand side is easy to navigate.

The colors are visually appealing with white legible graphics on a black background and bright green buttons for additional information. You know how you’re trying to read content from a website, and you get those annoying pop-ups? Well, Skinwallet is a clean and seamless site with no annoying ads or pop-ups.

Does it require plug-ins or software? No, you don’t need any special software or plug-ins to use the site. You only need your steam account and email address to register for Skinwallet. Their search function is easy to use and gives you instant, relevant results based on your queries.

And if you are a novice, not to fret, their comprehensive blog and FAQs section will bring you up to speed and put your mind at ease. You have the option to share their links and follow them on social media through platforms such as Facebook, twitter and their official steam community of expert opinions.

How Safe is Skinwallet?

Skinwallet has a robust security framework that relies on a player-to-player method that puts you in sole control of every transaction in your account. You decide which skins to monetize and how to channel your funds.

Their 2-step verification process safeguards your account and personal details using your phone or security key and password. They have an SSL certificate to protect your password, usernames, and email and encrypt your details to prevent scamming. Feel free to check out reviews from merchants, streamers, and partners about their site.

How do I know if Skinwallet is for me?

This website won’t work for you if you don’t play its supported games including;

  • Counter strike: global offensive
  • Dot A 2
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Payday 2
  • H1Z1

The only possible payment acceptable by skinwallet is CS: GO skins, but they are working on enabling more currencies from other steam games very soon.

Skinwallet is very flexible allowing you up to 100 items per transaction. You can also make multiple deposits to your Skinwallet account with no limitations to cover a pricier piece for added convenience.

What is the minimum value for my skins?

The minimum price your skins can fetch with Skinwallet is $0.5 to $1 for cases, $1 for graffiti and $1 for souvenirs.

What instance will Skinwallet fail to purchase your skins?

Skinwallet is a legitimate high-value platform that fetches you the highest prices for your skins, and so they only accept skins with high value that can attract stable prices in the market, and the skins have to be transferrable to the Skinwallet account.

Skinwallet gives you great value for your skins. Invest smart.

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