Rules of Survival Epic Clash is Online with the Most Insane Super Powers, Weapons and Construction Function

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Explore the hundreds of possibilities the game offers, you have never seen battlefields like this

Strap in, Rules of Survival fans, for this exhilarating ride is coming on the 6th of March! The game will add an Epic Clash mode in its latest release. The squad-based update sees fantastical avatar abilities, weaponry, vehicles and constructions added to the game. New adventures await in the ROS’s beautifully established world where opportunities to become a champion abound for true strategists!

The most important addition in this update is various functional items, which gives a fantasy twist to your normal wins! When the safe zone inevitably starts to shrink down, players will have an opportunity to randomly select a Super Item Card that might contain one of the following abilities:

  • Zombie Status changes an avatar into the Undead, literally, as the HP value will keep steadily recovers in the battlefield;
  • Stealth Mode allows silent moments in the dark like a ninja, dropping your opponents like flies;
  • Infrared Scan gives vision enhancement for the player, enabling one to see the contour of enemies hiding in building structures;
  • Super Body is an all-around strength amplification with increased speed and higher jump;
  • Summons Nightfall and Summons Fog interacts with the weather: once used, darkness or heavy mist will descend upon the entire battlefield for 60 seconds.

Incorporate these superhuman strengths into your battle planning and enjoy the extra edge they give you in moments of life and death!

A new variable, construction, is also brought into the game so the fight for survival is even more challenging. Are you a builder or a destroyer? Do you use the constructed structures to defend or attack? A strategically placed building could give snipers the vantage point, a quickly built bridge makes crossing river fast and easy, a sturdy bunker can establish a control station for your team to assemble, most importantly, a high construction gets you the supply drops faster than anyone else. The possibilities are endless!

In addition to new avatar abilities, players can expect to see new weapons and vehicles in their arsenal as well. Land vehicle Titan and airborne Titan Warplane have majestic firepower that will make the land and sky under your command: no opponents or their constructions can stand in the way. On the weapon front, IMBA Rocket Tube and IMBA Revolver G-Launcher are now up for grab. These are powerful firearms, made for blazing destruction and obviation.

However, fret no longer for death, as Rules of Survival now gives players the chance to be revived back onto the battlefield three times in every round. Every new life comes with the basic items and equipment for you to try your luck again. The battle royale starts as soon as you re-enter: a chance to amend those mistakes and take sweet revenge. After all, the one who laughs the last, laughs best.

Rules of Survival officially released for download on the 17th of November, 2017. It is the first battle royale mobile game that allows as many as 300 gamers to fight for victory on the same battlefield. The game has ranked on the top of the chart in 61 countries and regions with more than 230 million downloads in one year. Rules of Survival is available on mobiles, PCs and Steam.

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