Ragnarok M X Ultraman Crossover

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The time wormhole has been activated! Ultraman will travel through time and space to protect you!

Regarding classic shows from our childhoods, Ultraman is one of the most special ones. Back then, everyone then shared the same dream of “saving the world”. Though it has now been 53 years since “Ultraman” first aired on TV, and even though we’re adults now, whenever we hear the theme song it still fills us with energy and nostalgia unlike anything else. We’ll never forget the wonderful memories that “Ultraman” helped us create.

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“Ultraman”! With all the cute headwear, costumes, and quests we’ve put together – we plan to bring everyone back to the times when they would yell “Come on! Ultraman!” at their TV, and help them relive those fond memories.

This year is the 17th Anniversary of Ragnarok Online’s original release. RO is also one of our childhood classics, and the mobile MMORPG version “Ragnarok M: Eternal Love SEA Ver.” has now also become very popular amongst players.

So that is where the Ragnarok M x Ultraman Crossover begins, and where new memories also begin!

Classic Ultraman

No matter if you’re an 80s kid or a 90s kid, Ultraman beating monsters is definitely a familiar scene to us all. Whenever there is a monster invading earth, Ultraman will always be there to protect us, and to guard our homes forever.

Ragnarok M x Ultraman event

The Ragnarok M: Eternal Love SEA Ver. / Ultraman crossover event will be available starting March 13th. Do you still remember the classic monsters; Gomora, Golza, and Baltan?  Soon, monsters are going to take over the major cities in the land of Rune Midgard! Adventurers, come join the counterattack and fight to guard Rune Midgard alongside Ultraman!

Which childhood hero would you want to become; Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman Orb, or Ultraman Zero? Or maybe you want to be the ultimate villain? Or just a cute pet instead? All of the cute and lovely headwear and costumes are able to help make you whatever you wish to be! Let’s suit up with the ‘Attack Team Uniform’ and fight along with them on GUTS WING 1!

A new storm has arrived, and the Ragnarok M x Ultraman crossover event will be available starting March 13th! Let’s meet our childhood heroes in the land of Rune Midgard; and fight alongside Ultraman in the Ragnarok M world to guard the Eternal Love together!

About Ragnarok M: Eternal Love SEA Ver.

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love – SEA Ver. is published by Gravity Interactive Inc. and operated by Gravity Interactive Inc. & X.D. Global. Since it’s launch, it has reached the top of both Android and iOS charts in SEA, helping it to gather thousands of players from many different countries.

The ‘Ragnarok M x Ultraman’ event will begin on March 13th! Start your journey and save the land of Rune Midgard from all the monsters of the universe! All the childhood dreams you held will be carried on in the world of Ragnarok M. We shall see you soon, adventurers!null

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