qQun chat in Apex Legends are from Bots, Selling Cheats

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We’ve just received a report that Bots are flooding Apex Legends match with promotional text and recorded voice during the initial match. Bots are sending text messages to the chat box that start with “qQun” and sends a recorded voice message that encouraging players to buy their cheats. The qQun text is a chat channel for Qq chat messaging, it also serves as their contact information for their potential customer.

The bots usually have a random username with a combination of letters and numbers. When they entered a match, they automatically send a text message something like “Qqun790062582, Qqun940516020, Qqun495069345, FZ-QQun-235360744”, then blasted a recorded Chinese female voice telling other players to buy their cheat and contact them through the qQ channel. Once they’ve done the spammy promotion, the bot will automatically leave the match.

Other players are annoyed with these bots for giving them a bad experience, they have no choice but to leave the match and redo matching..

So far, EA and the dev team is not yet aware of this situation. We’re hoping they’re going to fix this issue and automatically ban these bots with those kinds of activity in their accounts.

Here’s an example video of how the bots works, uploaded by a Facebook Streamer Largamau.TV.

How to Avoid Matching with Bots

These bots are currently flooding the South East Asian server, the only way so far to not encounter these kinds of bots is changing the server to other region.

You can change server by going back to the loading screen. After the loading, there will be a Change Server text on the bottom of the “Continue button“.

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  • Renguro March 3, 2019 9:09 pm

    alt f4 right away if you find one, it wont affect your stats though and the game played, then reconnect… EA should ban all QQUN chatters

  • Probo March 18, 2019 3:42 pm

    i met this bot on EU

  • Nein March 24, 2019 2:54 am

    these bots are all over EU too

  • Peter March 14, 2021 11:37 pm

    I am a ranked apex player straight from the console no PC with cheat downloads allowed, my philosophy is if you can’t play the game without cheats your a beginner or if you use them your a cheat.
    So I propose that ranked should be absolutely cheat free if caught banned for life and if you want to cheat all allowed in standard play.
    Tell me do you like being taken out by someone before you can open a supply bin and not even see them, they even open the the supply bin in front of you but you can’t see them do it.
    We are all starting to loose interest in this game and about to dump it have messaged on apex forum and they deleted my message sounds like they don’t care so long as they have the numbers. But this game will end up like Gears and Halo when you couldn’t kill get a kill anymore doe’s this sound or look like what is happening in apex to you.


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