PlayStation demands $20,000 from Ps4 ‘Jailbroken’ eBay Seller

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Sony Interactive is demanding $20,000 for total judicial prices and damages from a man in California. The man was accused of spreading jailbroken PS4 consoles which were packed with some pirated games and sold to an online marketplace.

The accused person has failed to answer all the questions raised by the court regarding accusations put by PlayStation maker. Sony is now raising a question of the default judgment of court due to the violation of Anti-circumvention, DMCA’s and many more. If you are a lover of games and the related things, they must know that PS4 was standing strong against illegal activities such as pirates and hackers.

The streak of standing alone against pirates and hackers was broken in 2017 when jailbroken systems started to make rounds and pirates begin to move in for making a buck. In these times of piracy, Sony responded strongly and filed a lawsuit against that California man named Eric Scales. Eric Scale was selling PS4 Jailbroken with the installed pirated games. Now people are thinking, if this person meets his punishments then this act will deter the other hackers and pirates automatically.

Using eBay to Sell Jailbroken PS4

Sony added that this Californian man was using the platform of eBay to advertise the corrupted PS4 and also was using a website. On his website he suggested his potential customers to never put your money in buying games rather steal them utilizing the courtesy Blackcloack13. This Californian man called himself as Blackcloack13. During case hearing, the defender cannot respond to the claims of Sony. The defendant of the case, Eric Scales promoted and sold the Jailbroken Playstation and consoles of four online games on eBay. Those jailbroken PS4 consoles were loaded with the PS4 pirated video games. Defendant of case additionally advertised on his website that he is also providing the other services of jailbreaking which make him more trustworthy on that website.

Now Sony is requesting to pay $800 for the two consoles he sold and $200 per game that he sold and now Eric scales have to pay the total amount of $16,800 in the terms of 76 different video games he sold previously in an illegal way. Sony also denoted that Scales not only broke the copyrights of all the pirated games he also broke the rules of DMCA. Sony also added in its statements that Scales never showed himself in the courtroom and this act forced to pay him the price for his illegal activities regarding pirated games and hacking. Now Sony is acting seriously on this matter because it is necessary to keep the pirates and hackers away from the future invades in the sector of games. Sony wants to send a clear message to the pirated community that never ever try to hack or pirate copyrights of games regarding any company.

The total amount which requested by Sony was $20,000 because, in addition to the value of the game, they also added the judicial charges which are $3,458.

Now Sony is expecting after this incident, pirates, and the hacker will not do such things in the future. Pirating is the most harmful thing for the developers of anything because it leads society toward disappointment. People who are involved in such things should be punished timely so that others in this category cannot take such actions in the future.

Video Gaming Piracy 

Piracy is everywhere but in the video gaming sector it is beyond the limits, and there are many hackers and pirates who are involved in this sector. It is the greatest threat to the gaming industry. The gaming companies develop many steps which were taken to stop the piracy of video games, but it just can’t happen. Everyday several people become hackers, and they turned into the piracy sector especially into video gaming and because no one has eyes on this sector. Pirates of this sector capture the huge black money by selling pirated video games.

As described in the above case which is filed by Sony, it is necessary to take strict action on such video game pirates. Such kind of illegal action must be stopped which are ruining the video game sectors.

Now the companies who earned big names in the video sector are keen to develop such protection measures which can degrade pirate acts.

Piracy is everywhere now, on television, film industry and in so many other sectors. It is destroying the abilities of talented person around the world. In the year 2014, the total revenue lost by the video gaming industry due to the piracy was $74 billion and about 2.5 billion pirated games were downloaded by the people.

The defeat of Hackers in China

Now it is said that Chinese hackers admitted their defeat because a video gaming company of China developed such a game which cannot be pirated anymore. A new video game is released by China has the latest and sophisticated software which cannot be hacked or pirated. It could be beneficial for other video gaming companies in the future. According to a major hacker in China, this game has the best software I have ever seen, and in the last stage of hacking, I failed. It looks like China has found a way to defeat the hackers of video games. It can be useful for the other companies, and they should focus on these things because every year a huge amount of revenue is lost by the video gaming sector. It is a big shame for the sector itself because they could not develop a thing which can stop the pirates in their illegal activities.

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