Peak Shard is Now Available in ReCharge (B Coin Store), Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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Peak Shard will be added in ReCharge (B Coin Store) for only 20 BCC. Peak Shard is one of the most important items for players who reach the Job Breakthrough at level 40, you need this item to level up the Job Breakthrough to level 70. Each level upgrade will cost around 9 Peak Shard.

If you notice in the Acquire tab, you probably notice the Disir Val which says Buy it with Big Cat Coin since the game launch. This time, it is now available.

Getting Peak Shard for free will takes a lot of time to complete in order to complete the whole Job Breakthrough level. With this new item in B Coin Store, anyone can catch up with other players by spending real money.

You need a total of 81 Peak Shards to complete. If you buy all of these, it will cost you around 1,620 BCC and 1 month (20 Peak Shards per Week).


You can only buy up to 20 Peak Shards per week and account.

Free Peak Shards

You can also buy peak shards at the Guild Vending Machine using Silver Medal.

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