New MVP Battle in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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Tomorrow, Ragnarok M Eternal Love (Mobile) will be releasing a new feature to the game, the MVP Battle – where a party of players can participate to the event to slay an MVP and MINI monster. The schedule of this event is every Friday night, 8:00pm to 11:00pm (Manila, Philippine Time). The first event will start on March 22.

How to Participate in MVP Battle

When the event is available during Friday, 8:00pm up to 11:00pm. You need a party with at least base level of 70 to join the MVP battle. You can register to Altos MVP Battle at the Prontera Square.

Once you’ve entered a match, you have 10-minutes cooldown before you can enter a rematch again. You can also start a new MVP battle if you have slain an MVPs or after the battle timer ends. You can join the battle as many as you can, but rewards will be limited.

The amount of MVP and MINI’s in the instance is based on the individual parties. You can kill up to 4 MVP and 4 MINI monster.

You also need to watch out on other parties as they can kill you or wipe out your party during the match.

How to Rejoin the Battle

If you didn’t leave the battle, and you’re disconnected in to the game. You can rejoin the match by talking to the NPC in North Prontera.


  • During the instance, different party members can attack each other.
  • The reward mechanics of MVP and MINI are the same as they are outside.


  • If your party has won a Boss fight, each party member will receive certain amount of “Honor Proof” and “Mithril Stone” as their rewards, depending on the boss.
  • The maximum reward for each event is limited at 4 MVP and 4 MINI.
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