Laplace M has Level Cap and What is it all About (Tales of Wind)

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The Laplace M game or Tales of Wind has one unique feature that other MMORPG haven’t yet implemented. It’s the Level Cap features where players cannot exceed the maximum level set by the dev team. The good thing with this is they set the max level to very low at 29.

This feature is probably the most important features that every game has to have. Since pro players can easily go to the max level 100 in just matter of a week or even as early as 5 days, leaving other players behind to their level. With this very low-level cap, anyone can catch up with the game.

Level Cap Rules

Here are the set rules of the Level Cap in Laplace M.

  • After you’ve reached the level cap, you can continue to earn EXP but can only level up your character once a new level cap has been unlocked. (This means, you can stack up your experience and you’ll automatically level up once the cap is increased)
  • The longer the server has been opened, the higher the level cap. (Thus this means, level will cap will increase above 100 as long they have active players?)
  • You’ll receive EXP bonus if your character’s level is 3 or more levels lower than the level cap.
  • You’ll receive more EXP bonus if your character’s level is 6 or more levels lower than the level cap.

Below is the list of level cap and the schedule. The date and level cap below are predicted schedule based on Laplace M sequence.

Level CapDate
29March 5, 2019
34March 6, 2019
38March 7, 2019
42March 8, 2019
45March 9, 2019
48March 10, 2019
50March 11, 2019
52March 12, 2019
54March 13, 2019
56March 14, 2019
58March 15, 2019
60March 16, 2019
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