How to Ultraman Rift, Dungeon Earth Crevice in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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Today, March 27, 2019 is the start of the Ultraman Rift: Dungeon Earth Crevice where players can participate in the event to enter the Ultraman’s world in Ragnarok M Eternal Love (Mobile). In this event, players will have a chance to transform as Ultraman Zero and defeat all of the monsters that invading the Earth.

Similar to the Neon Genesis Tokyo 3 Rift mechanics that require some roles in the rift, this time you will no longer transform to Red or Blue, but you need to use different types of buff skills for specific monsters to do 2 x damage.

List of Buff and Boss Monster

Here are the list of Buff and monster that you can effectively do 2x damage to the boss monster.

Skill BuffMonster Preview

King Joe Buff

King Joe Monster

Gomora Demise

Gomora Monster

Golza Buff

Golza Monster

Eleking Buff


Baltan Buff

Baltan Monster

Bemstar Buff

Bemstar Monster


Before anything else, you need to form a 5 member party before entering the rift dungeon. Your party only have 5 minutes to kill the monsters and you all need to reach the following number of kills in the table below to unlock the 4 titles.

Tell your party not to follow leaders as this requires manual attack to use buff effectively.

If your party can achieve 120 monster kill on the first try, you will get all of the titles rewards up to Nebula Commander.

Title EarnedRequired KillRewards

Planetary Patroller
30 to 59 monsters1 x Garrison Candidate Supply Pack 

Total of 50 Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath

Stellar Inspector
60 to 89 monsters2 x Garrison Candidate Supply Pack

Total of 100 Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath

Alien Observer
90 to 199 monsters2 x Active Garrison Supply Pack

Total of 200 Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath
Cosmic Garrison Title (MaxHP + 12)

Nebula Commander
more than 120 monster3 x Active Garrison Supply Pack

Total of 300 Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath

How to Ultraman Rift Guide

To start the rift, your leader need to talk to Ultraman Zero at the Prontera Square. He is the NPC assigned to initiate the Ultraman Rift.

The main objective is here, you need to defeat monsters as many as you can. Every attack can make a 111,111 damage to the enemies and a buff skill that makes 2x damage.

When you arrived at the dungeon, there are no buff skill yet. What your team needs to do is to Auto attack nearby enemies like in the first round the Gomora monster.

When the buff is available, use the skill and locate the specific monster to do 2x damage, total damage will be 222,222. The buff will only last for about 60 seconds, so be efficient in using the buff.

To be effective, your party must use the skill buff whenever it is available and eliminate the specific monster for your parties to easily achieve the 120 monster kill. If the monster is no longer available, use the auto-attack and save the buff for the next round.

Monster Re-Spawn Location

The rift is composed of 4 rounds where monsters will respawn in a pattern located on the map. After defeating all of the 30 boss monsters, another 30 boss monsters will respawn. Knowing the exact location where these monster will respawn will save a lot of time going to point A to point B. You can check our compiled monster location below.

We’re still working on Round 4, keep checking this post for updates.


If you don’t know what monster you need to attack after clicking the buff. Just press the buff skill icon under your photo to show the detail description of the buff and the remaining time.


For One-time Rewards, the rewards for completing the dungeon and reaching the title rank will be a Garrison Supply pack which contains a 50 x Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath where you can buy item like Ultraman Card, Monster Card, Ultraman Tiga Backpack and more. You’ll also able to unlock the Cosmic Garrison Title when reaching a certain rank.

For Daily rewards, when you complete the 5 minutes rift; you’ll receive a Gift from Nebula M78 which contains a random Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath.

Joining the Ultraman Rift will able you to collect FREE 650 Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath from the rewards.

Basically, just enjoy this Ultraman Rift event and make friends with other party in the world chat or from your guild. That’s it guys!


Buff is not showing in the whole 5 minutes round, what should i do?

This is a bug in the game. If this keeps happening, try restarting the game. If the problem still persist, contact costumer support.

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