How to Turn off Voice Chat in Apex Legends

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Apex Legends are one of the popular Battle Royale game, this game lets you pair with random players during the matchmaking if you don’t have a squad. In some cases, you end up pairing to players that are too annoying or disrespectful. Especially players that speak so loud on the microphone, or speaking in the different language. This kind of situation makes your gaming experience really bad and could lead to squad elimination.

In order to have peach of mind, you could mute this annoying player by turning off their voice chat.

How to Turn Off Voice Chat or Mute Players

  1. Open up your inventory. (On PC press i or Tab, PS4 it’s Options, XBOX One is Menu)
  2. On the top of the screen, go to Squad Tab.
  3. Then from here, hit the mute button (voice, text or ping) on squad player that you’d like to be muted.

Once you’re done, this player can no longer communicate with you using Voice chat. But still, it is best if you can communicate good with your players to get the sweet Victory in the game.

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