How to Start Zodiac Bosses in Laplace M (Tales of Wind)

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The Player in Laplace M can participate in different events and one of those events is the Zodiac Bosses. Players especially new have hard-time figuring out how to start the event because it requires progression and the number of Guards during the event is limited.

Some players tried challenging Zodiac Bosses and keep receiving a message saying “Defeat Aquarius Guard (1-Star) before coming back to me”. The message basically means you need to defeat the Aquarius Guard (1-Star) first. If there are no Aquarius Guard anymore, you can no longer participate in the on-going event and you have to wait for the next round.

What is Zodiac Bosses Event

Zodiac Bosses is an event that you’ll be challenging 4 different types of Guards; Aquarius Guard (1-Star), Pisces Guard (2-Star), Aries Guard (3-Star), and Taurus Guard (4-Star). You also need a guild to enable this event.

Every rounds duration is 20 minutes, and there is limited amount of Guards scattered in the map. Players must be quick on challenging the guards before other players challenge it, there are only 30 Aquarius Guard available to initiate the event.

Zodiac BossesNumber of GuardsRecommended BR
Aquarius Guard (1-Star)3023,683
Pisces Guard (2-Star)2541,161
Aries Guard (3-Star)20
Taurus Guard (4-Star)15

With those numbers above, only 15 players or less can complete the event from 1-Star to 4-Star in each event.

How to Start Zodiac Bosses

When the event starts, you need to click the Guild Ball on the upper right corner.

Then select Zodiac Bosses, you must first pick the Aquarius Guard (1-Star) to initiate the event and move to the next guard. Press the Go button on Aquarius Guard. (If the Remaining Quantity is 0, you’re too late – you’ll have to wait for another event to participate)

You’ll be automatically teleported in the Yggdrasil map and will automatically locate you to the area. You’ll need to talk to Aquarius Guard and challenge them. Recommended BR is 23,683.

Once challenge, you need to defeat the Guard to earn your rewards and move to the next Guard. You may also defeat other Aquarius Guard if you’d like.

Next, click again the Event Pop up and select Zodiac Bosses. Now you can pick the next, Pieces Guard (2-Star).

It will teleport you to Silversnow and will look for Pisces Guard. Talk to the Pisces Guard and Challenge it. Recommended BR is 41,161.

Once you’ve done challenge and defeat it. You can now move to the next guard Aries Guard (3-Star) and to the last Taurus Guard (4-Star).

That’s it! Hope this guide explains everything about Zodiac Bosses. Let us know in the comment section if you need clarification or we’ve missed something!

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