How to Get Ultraman Card & Monster Card in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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This month crossover event for Ragnarok M Eternal Love is with the Ultraman Series. The limited time event will give you a chance to obtain a new cards the Ultraman Card and the Monster Card.

These cards can only be purchased using the Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath. You can get Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath by participating in the Ultraman Events like the 5-day event from Ultraman Tiga in Prontera and the Dungeon Earth Crevice event from Ultraman Zero (Available on March 27). You could also purchase the Monster Package from the B Coin Store.

Here’s a total of Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath you can get for the whole events.

Events / StoreTotal
Universe savior “Ultraman” arrival Event from NPC Ultraman Tiga
(5-day event)
100 x Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath
Dungeon Earth Crevice Event from NPC Ultraman Zero
(Available on March 27)

For details go to this link.
650 x Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath
Monster Package50 x Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath

The Ultraman Card and Monster Card cost around 300 Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath each.

Stats of Cards

Here are the stats of the Ultraman and Monster Card.

CardDescription / EffectDeposit / Unlock Reward

Ultraman Card

Exchange Price: 3,000,000 Zeny
Damage to brute and demon monster +8%
Damage reduction against Demi-Human +2%
Deposit Reward: Max HP +72
Unlock Reward: Def +4.5

Monster Card

Exchange Price: 3,000,000 Zeny
+2% Damage against Demi-Human
-10% Damage taken from Plants and Brutes
Deposit Reward: Max HP +72
Unlock Reward: MDef +4.5

That’s for now on how you can get the Ultraman Card and Monster Card. Don’t forget to leave a comment down below for your suggestions.

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