How to get More Spring Symphony (Spring Celebration Card) in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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In the month of April, the new event Goblin Spring Event is finally arrive in Ragnarok M Eternal Love (Mobile). In this event, there is a new redeem item called Spring Symphony where you can use to purchase a limited item Spring Celebration Card.

Item inside Spring Symphony

There are six items you can buy using the Spring Symphony, one of the is the card, for equipment enhance and some leveling potion.


Spring Celebration Card

Mora Coin

Oracle Dust

Oracle Crystal

BASE Potion (L)

JOB Potion (L)

You need 160 pcs of Spring Symphony in order to purchase the Spring Celebration Card.

What is Spring Celebration Card

This card can be use for weapon equipment. Right now, there is some translation glitch on the card description. But here are the details.

CardDescriptionDeposit/Unlock Reward

Spring Celebration Card
Max HP Attack + 100
M.Atk + 10
Deposit Reward: Atk + 3
Unlock Reward: Max HP + 30

How to Get More Spring Symphony

You can get more of this redeem item from participating in the 3 event in Goblin Spring.

In the Event 3, you can get a total of 100 x Spring Symphony by completing the 5 day event.

Same as Event 3, you can also get 100 x Spring Symphony by clearing the Spring Festival, Event 4.

Lastly, you can exchange Aquamarines, Topaz, Ziron and Amethyst to Goblin Ambassador Yowloo in Geffen for Spring Symphony. This will be available in the April 15. We don’t know how much you can get, but we’ll update this post.

That’s it! Hope this mini-guide gives you some tips on how to get more Spring Symphony.

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