How to Get Mini Eleking Monster Egg in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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In the crossover of Ragnarok M X Ultraman Series, they only have 1 exclusive pet for the event that players can get and the only way to obtain this pet is by purchasing it with real money in the ReCharge store from RO X Ultraman Premium worth 128 BCC.

Mini Eleking Monster Egg has a unique skills and ideal for wind, water and earth type monsters and it has a good working efficiency for Kafra Co. Here are the skill of Eleking.


Discharging Ray Lv.1
Active Skill
Deals Atk 230% wind damage to an enemy.

Casting Range: 6.0m
Skill Cooldown: 5.0 seconds

Can’t Upgrade

Curious… Lv.8
Passive Skill
Increases normal materials gained in the adventure by 5, advanced material such as Gold Sand by 5.

Can’t Upgrade

Paralyzing Shock Lv.5
Passive Skill
Discharging Ray has a 10% chance to paralyze the enemy, immobilizing it.

Can’t Upgrade

Amphibious Lv.7
Passive Skill
Increases water and earth damage by 1.4 for the pet and its master

Can’t Upgrade

Labor: Kafra Co. I Lv.7
Passive Skill
Increases working efficiency by 3.5% at Kafra Co.

Can’t Upgrade

When the intimacy of the Mini Eleking reaches a certain level, the following will be unlocked:

  • Intimacy Lv. 3 – unlocks Dispatch
  • Intimacy Lv.5 – Boosts working efficiency by 10%
  • Intimacy Lv.8 – Boosts working efficiency by 20%
  • Intimacy Lv.10 – Boosts working efficiency by 40%

Here are the stat of Mini Eleking in level 1 when it is hatch.

Food for Mini Eleking Monster – Cosmic Soup

You can feed Mini Eleking with Cosmic Soup this will increase the intimacy of your pet and able to reach level 10 intimacy easily and unlocks the additional stats.

The Cosmic Soup can be obtained in the ReCharge from the Monster’s Wish Ultraman Item worth 18 BCC. You’ll get 2 pcs of Cosmic Soup.

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