How to Get Free Gorgeous Chest using Guild Funds, Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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If you have a bad day in GvG wars and unable to receive any Chest because your guild couldn’t make to the Emperium? Worry no more! You can still get a Free Gorgeous Chest by purchasing it using your guild’s funds. Yes, not BCC! Your guild leader or vice-leader can purchase this chest at the guild hall (12o’clock) from the Base/Chest NPC.

However, your guild leader/vice-leader can only buy it once for 2,000 Guild funds every week, you can buy again next week for the weekly resets.

The following are the Gorgeous Chest that you can open to get two random items. Each chest includes a random items that are not in the list; Contribution (509), Honor Proof (420) and Zeny (112,000)

ChestRandom ItemsCost

Valkyrie Realm Gorgeous Chest
Tyrfing Shard
Eternal Spear Shard
All in Peace Shard
Snow Crystal
Blizzard Sign
Drifting Air
2000 Guild Funds

Britonia Gorgeous Chest
God’s Gaze Shard
Golden Bough
Mjolnir Shard
Anger of Valkur
Feather of Ang
Cat Tread
Woman’s Mous
Root of Stone
2000 Guild Funds

Luina Gorgeous Chest
War Ender Shard
Mystletainn Shard
Felia Gem
Thor’s Steel Gl
Iron Maiden
Unknown Steel
Laziness Access
2000 Guild Funds

Greenwood Lake Gorgeous Chest
Winter Crystal
Destroyer Shard
Fish’s Soul
Sputum of Bird
Sinew of Bear
Emblem of the Sun God
Soul Breath
2000 Guild Funds

Opening the chest will earn your guild two random items rewards which will be added in the Guild Storage.

Another reward will be distributed to all members of the Guild and can be claimed at the Goddess Statue, items they’ll receive are only zennies :(. New members, has to wait for the next reset to receive the chest reward.

Is your guild leaders already redeemed the Free Gorgeous Chest? Let him know and share this post!

You may also watch our YouTube video of the actual claim of the free spin.

About Guild Gorgeous Chest

  • Every Guild can open Guild Gorgeous Chests with Big Cat Gold Coins (15 times) and guild funds (once). This condition will resets every week.
  • Only guild leader and vice leader can open them with guild funds.
  • Opening Guild Gorgeous Chest cost Big Cat Gold Coins, the next opening cost will increase gradually.
  • Guild will receive artifacts shard and materials corresponding to the Gorgeous Chest opened. Each member will receive extra currency as reward.
  • A guild can open the Gorgeous Chest corresponding to the base it captured.
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