How to Find Chopper in Thousand Sunny Ship, One Piece World Seeker

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If you’re stuck in the Chapter 2 of One Piece World Seeker that you couldn’t find Chopper in the Thousand Sunny ship. He is not actually on the ship, instead he is outside at the dock.

After you’ve rescued chopper in the North Naval Base, you’ve been assigned a new objective in Chapter 2: Amber Pirates, the objective is you’ll need to Find the Thousand Sunny and talk to Chopper.

Looking for Chopper is quite difficult because there is no icon in the map to look for him and there is this yellow star that inside the ship that confuse most of the players.

How to Find Chopper

He is just outside and in front of the Thousand Sunny Ship. In the docking station just standing near the wooden cargo box.

You may also watch our walk-through video guide below.

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