How to Enhance & Refine a Card in Laplace M (Tales of Wind)

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Compare to the Ragnarok M Eternal Love where it’s very hard to get a card. Here in Laplace M, it is effortless and you could get a card by doing the Card Realm event. The only hardest part is getting a Red and Gold Card.

Each card in Laplace M has different level, you can also enhance and refine these card to provide more attributes other than it’s default effect. You can identify the quality of the card by checking it’s BR Rating and it’s Max Rating.

Of course, Red and Gold card is one of the powerful cards in Laplace M. It is also recommended to only Enhance and Refine Gold card and not those Blue and Pink card; this is to avoid wasting money and effort because you’ll probably replace it in the future.

How to Enhance a Card

To enhance a card, you need a Silverstar and a Mana. You can get Mana by dismantling a duplicate or useless card, each dismantles will earn you 100 Mana for a Nlue card, 500 Mana for Pink card. When a card reaches +6, there is a chance that the refine will fail, resulting to reset its threshold level to 6, 9, 12 and 15.

You can refine a card by going to the Bag.

Then click the Card Pack tab. From here, you can select the card that you want to enhance.

For example, we select a Weapon card Chobi. Click the enhance button.

From here, it will show how much the increase when the card is enhance and it’s success rate. If you’re decided, click the Enhance button.

Luckily, we enhance our card to +9. If the refine is failed, it will be reset to +6 as the nearest lowest threshold.

How to Refine/Reforge a Card

For refining a card, only Gold and Red card are available for Refine. You need Gold Stardust and Mana. You can only get Gold Stardust by defeating Zodiac Bosses. Each refines will randomly give random attribute effect, you can save the attribute swapping it with the current effect.

Same as Enhance, go to your bag and browse to Card Pack and select the Gold/Read card that you want to refine. Click the Refine button.

From here, you’ll see the Original and new effect attributes of the cards. If you don’t like the current attributes, you can press the Reforge, to refine it again. It will cost 200 Mana and 1 Gold Stardust per Refine.

If you’re satisfied with the result, you can press Swap to save the New attribute.

That’s it! Hope this cover everything about the Refine and Enhance in Laplace M.

If you still have questions and concerns. Don’t hesitate to comment it down below!

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