How to Download APK for Bleach Mobile 3D (English)

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The game Bleach Mobile 3D has been released in the SEA region already. However, the game is not yet available world-wide that makes some excited players in other region wants to play the game especially in the United States. Players on these region cannot also download the game in the Google Playstore because of the region restriction.

To help you download fresh copy of the Bleach Mobile 3D APK, we mirror the APK for you to install, this apk requires additional files to download which is 1.5GB.

You can download the APK on the link below:

Currently, the game is only available in Google Play at these countries (Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam).

This APK can also be use to install and play the game in the emulator especially those emulators that don’t have Google Play installed by default or as well as region locked.

If you have questions or concern, leave a comment down below.

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