How to Craft Novice Armor & Weapons in Albion Online

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In the tutorial phase of Albion Online, you were asked for the quest “You are What you Wear” to check on what you can craft for the three types of clothing, Warrior Forge, Hunter Lodge and Mage’s Tower. To finish this quest, all you need to do is to talk to the three NPC and it will be completed.

The next quest is the “The Beginner Becomes a Novice” where you asked to craft those armors like in the Warrior’s Forge, the Novice Armor and Weapons. In order for you to craft this weapons, you need a Copper Bar.

To make a Copper Bar, you need a Copper Ore first. You can mine copper ore on the top right corner of the Hideouts. You need a total of 32 Copper Ore.

Once you’re done mining the Copper Ore, you need to go to Makeshift Smelter to create a Copper Bar. The conversion is 1 is to 1.

After that, you can now go to the Warrior’s Forge to create a Novice’s Soldier Armor, Helmet and a Boots.

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