How to Catch Pet or Guardian in Laplace M (Tales of Wind)

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Most of the MMORPG game has a pet system that helps the players to defend and attacks against enemies or other players. In Laplace M, they call the pet system as guardian and capturing the guardian is straight forward and easy compare to other MMORPG game.

To capture a Guardian you need a net, one net will allow you to capture 3 guardians, but you can only select 1 among the three. Picking the best guardian is based on the BR points or the rarity of the guardian that you catch.

How to Capture Guardian

To capture a guardian, open your bag then find and click the Net item. Then click the Go button.

This will teleport you to the Guardian Island and automatically locate an egg to Capture. You need to press the Capture button to capture the Guardian Egg.

You can check your progress by pressing the Egg Icon button above the World Chat at the center of the screen.

From here, you can check the guardian you already catch. You may also press each of the guardian to see their skills and attributes.

Once you already collected 3 guardian, you can now pick from the 3 and sign a contract with.

That’s it! You can now use that guardian as your pet and use it on the adventure.

Using Hunting Bounty

You can also use the service of a Hunting Bounty, it just basically save you time for going to egg and capture. It somehow increases the chance of getting a higher BR guardian. The cost of each service will be 5,000 Silverstar.

If you choose the x10 option, you’ll be automatically getting 10 guardians, very helpful if you want to capture many Guardians at once.

You can find the Hunting Bounty at the Guardian Island, she is at the north side (344, 1029); her name is Eileen.

That’s all about capturing the Guardian. Hope this article helps you understand how the pet system works in Laplace M (Tales of Wind).

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