How to Bug Hunt in Laplace M (Tales of Wind)

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If you still haven’t figure out how to Bug Hunt in Laplace M, this guide will probably help you. The problem of most players why they cannot start the Bug Hunt are either most of the bug are already hunted by other players, you have problem looking for it or you’ve found one but you don’t have a team to play with.

Bug Hunt usually has scheduled in the game and 120 Bug per city (Silversnow, Sunrise Forest, Bloomcrest Basin and Yggdrasil) are spawned in the map of Laplace M. The bugs are scattered in random places in the map even inside the villages.

What are the bugs looks like? These snifflers are like a mole with a green glowing eye and has a white flower on his head hiding in the grounds. Here is the example screenshot of the bug.

How to Bug Hunt

Before anything else, you must have at least 3 members in your team so you can challenge the bug. This is very important because some players could steal your bug if you don’t have a team yet.

If you have problem looking for a team, you can Create one and invite mercenary bots. Just go to Team and Create Team and make sure to check the Mercenary.

Once you’re all set, wait for the Bug Hunt event to start and when it arrives. Click the Bug Hunt icon and choose the map that you’d like.

It will teleport you to the map and from their, start looking for the bug.

Once you found one, click the bug and challenge it.

You’ll then go to an arena and you need to defeat the bugs and the boss to claim the rewards.

That’s for now, hope this covers all of the questions regarding the Bug Hunt in Laplace M.

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