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Ragnarok M Eternal Love is finally has a schedule maintenance update for their latest addition to the game the War of Emperium (WoE) or Guild Vs Guild (GvG).

GvG Now Open!

GvG or well known as War of Emperium is finally here in Ragnarok M Eternal Love. It is a game mode where guilds can fight to each other by conquering or defending a castle. The first instant of this event will happen this March 28, 2019.

The schedule will happen every Thursday and Sunday, from 10:00 PM to 11:00 PM (Manila, Philippine Time)

How to Participate:

* During the GvG, all Adventurers can enter any castle and launch an attack.

* The attacking guild that destroys the “Emperium” inside a Castle will become the Defending Guild.

* Players with an active guild that belongs to the same channel can cause damage to the “Emperium”.

* A Guild can only own one Castle at a time. If a Guild destroys an Emperium while defending another, the Guild will start Defending the new Castle and give up the previous one.

(In future updates, Guild Leaders and Vice Leaders will have the power to enable and disable attacking castles in the GvG).

* If a Guild successfully defends an Emperium until the end of the GvG, or if the Emperium doesn’t take any damage for more than 15 minutes, they will be victorious and start the next GvG as the defending Guild for that castle.

* Leaders and Vice-Leaders can give up a Castle through the Guild Report.

Personal Rewards:

  • Players that participate and win, will receive: Random Chip Package x2, and Honor Proof x1200
  • All players that participate, will receive: Random Chip Package x2, and Honor Proof x100
  • Rewards will be sent via in-game mail.

Guild Rewards

  • Conquering any Castle will earn a special Reward Chest. If a Guild conquers the same Castle consecutively 2 or more times, it will receive 2 Reward Chests.
  • Conquering the #1 castle in each city will earn a Random Chest. If the Guild conquers that castle 2 times consecutively, it will earn 2 ‘Random Chests’. Conquering the same #1 castle consecutively 3 or more times will earn 3 ‘Reward Chests’.
  • Conquering the #2 or #3 castle consecutively 3 or more times will earn 1 ‘Random Chest’. Less than 3 times will yield no reward.
  • The ‘Special Chest’ will hold an Artifact Shard and Artifact Materials of that specific city. (Prontera 1/Geffen 1/ Payon 1/Al de Baran 1’s GvG Conquer Reward are that city’s Artifact Token:
    • Prontera Artifact Token
    • Geffen Artifact Token
    • Payon Artifact Token
    • Al de Baran Artifact Token.
  • Artifact Tokens can be used in exchange for that GvG Castle’s Artifact Shard. Conquering the Prontera 1 on GvG can obtain the ‘Spear or Fist’ Artifact
  • ‘Random Chests’ from #2 and #3 Castles can obtain Artifact Shards and Materials from that City, randomly. (Since Payon and Al de Baran will have 2 Castles, there is a 33.3% chance to not get any Artifact Shard)

Fortress Location (Portals to Castle)

When your guild holds a city, your guild will receive a guild chest for that city. If your guild holding the same city twice in a row then there will be two guild chests for that city. Open up the guild chest will receive certain artifact weapon shards, they are for crafting artifact weapons. A guild leader or vise-leader are able to craft artifact weapon and they have the authority to assign or take back artifact weapons.

Credits to Ragnarok M: Eternal Love (Mobile) FB Page

Different cities will have different artifact weapon materials, below are the exact location of the fortress in the map.


You can find the 2 fortress in the South Gate Prontera and one in Prontera West Gate.

Valkyrie 1
(South Gate Prontera)

Weapon Type: Long Sword

Artifact: Tyrfing

Reward Chests (1, ≥2): 1, 2;
Random Reward Chests (1, 2, ≥3): 1, 2, 3
Valkyrie 2
(South Gate Prontera)

Weapon Type: Katar

Artifact: All In Peace

Reward Chests (1, ≥2): 1, 2; Random Reward Chests (1, 2, ≥3): 0, 0, 1
Valkyrie 3
(Prontera West Gate)

Weapon Type: Spear

Artifact: Eternal Spear

Reward Chests (1, ≥2): 1, 2; Random Reward Chests (1, 2, ≥3): 0, 0, 1
Valkyrie 4
(Prontera West Gate)

(Not yet Available for the current Episode)


There are 3 fortress in Geffen, at the Goblin Forest.

Britoniah 1
(Goblin Forest)

Weapon Type: Staff

Artifact: Gods’ Gaze

Reward Chests (1, ≥2): 1, 2; Random Reward Chests (1, 2, ≥3): 1, 2, 3
Britoniah 2
(Goblin Forest)

Weapon Type: Staff

Artifact: Golden Bough

Reward Chests (1, ≥2): 1, 2; Random Reward Chests (1, 2, ≥3): 0, 0, 1
Britoniah 3
(Goblin Forest)

Weapon Type: Mace

Artifact: Mjolnir

Reward Chests (1, ≥2): 1, 2; Random Reward Chests (1, 2, ≥3): 0, 0, 1


In Payon, you can access the two fortress on the left and right corner.

Greenwood Lake 1

Weapon Type: Bow

Artifact: Winter Crystal

Reward Chests (1, ≥2): 1, 2; Random Reward Chests (1, 2, ≥3): 1, 2, 3
Greenwood Lake 2

Weapon Type: Fist

Artifact: Destroyer

Reward Chests (1, ≥2): 1, 2; Random Reward Chests (1, 2, ≥3): 0, 0, 1

Al De Baran


Luina 1
(Al De Baran)

Weapon Type: Axe

Artifact: War Ender

Reward Chests (1, ≥2): 1, 2; Random Reward Chests (1, 2, ≥3): 1, 2, 3

Luina 2
(Al De Baran)

Weapon Type: Dagger

Artifact: Mystletainn

Reward Chests (1, ≥2): 1, 2; Random Reward Chests (1, 2, ≥3): 0, 0, 1

GvG Character Changes:

  • All classes have HP increase by 400%.
  • Same type CC skills will have an effect immunity window.
  • Knockback effects are removed.
  • % Recovery Items can be used (Yggdrasil, Honey, etc) with the recovery rates being the same as in the wild.
  • Black Cat Cafe items can only be used in the GvG, with % recovery rates on the GvG depending on the max HP.

Revive and Expel:

  • Added Revival Cooldown (CD). After death, the player will have to wait for the revival CD to reach 0 before reviving again.
  • If two deaths happen within a 15-sec window the revival CD will increase by 5 sec. Not dying for 30 sec will clear the revival CD.
  • Even silenced players will still be able to use the Leaf of Yggdrasil to revive other players.
  • Forced Expel: When Defending/Attacking characters die during the GvG, after 180/30 sec the player will be taken back to the save point.
  • Active Expel: Expel enemies by clicking on their bodies. After the cooldown, the enemy will be expelled to the last save point.

Items that cannot be used during the GvG:

All Fly Wings, Transformation Scrolls, Tickle Bar, Love Letter, Put Food, Summoning Items.

Skills that cannot be used during the GvG: Movement Skills, Warp Portal.

Guild Facility Construction

New Guild Facility Construction:

Leaders and Vice-Leaders from Guilds with Lv.≥3 can spend 20 Emperium to open the Facility Construction.

After opening the doors to the Facility Construction, it will house different systems and rewards:

  • Incredible Vending Machine: Purchase Mithril Stones, Praying Card Packs (Can be used on ‘Goddess Pray’ later), and other items. The construction level will influence the items sold on the Incredible Vending Machine.
  • Black Cat Cafe: Use ‘Unity Proof’ to purchase GvG Consumables. The construction level will change the items sold.
  • Bizarre Cat Litter Box: Consume Shining Glasses Beads to obtain Zeny, Eden Coins, and Honor randomly. The construction level will change the amount obtained.
  • Magic Sewing Machine: Can Reinforce Off-Hand, Garments, Armor, Shoes, and refine Headwear. The construction level will influence the ‘Reinforce and Refinement’ levels.
  • Legendary Smelter:

Unlocks ‘Artifact Forging’

  • After completing the Artifact Quest, the Leader or Vice-Leader can use Artifact Materials in the Artifact Hall to forge Artifacts.
  • Leveling up the construction will increase the number of Artifacts that can be used and the amount of same-type artifacts in use.

Unlocks Refine Enhance

  • Spend materials to Refine Enhance an ‘Equipment Slot’* After Refine Enhancing a slot, and equipping that slot, the Enhanced Attributes will be amplified.
  • ‘Refine Enhance’ materials can be obtained in the Incredible Vending Machine, with Mr. Dragon’s Assistant, or by merging common materials with boss materials.
  • Leveling up the construction will unlock more ‘Refine Enhance’ types. Initially, only Weapons and Accessories are available.

Construction Rewards:

Rewards will be sent after some time, which is dependent on the guild’s construction levels.

Artifacts Open

Artifact Quest:

After completing the ‘Legendary Smelter’ and obtaining at least one Artifact Shard during the GvG, the Leader/Vice-Leader can access the Artifact Quest. (It is a temporary quest now, which will be updated later)

Artifact Forging:

After completing the Artifact Quest, the Artifacts can be forged in the Artifact Hall.

Artifact Distribution:

  • Leaders and Vice Leaders can distribute the Artifacts through the Guild Menu.
  • The Guild Storage Menu will display all Guild Materials.

Blessing of Goddess:

  • Use ‘Blessing of Goddess’ on the Valkyrie NPC
  • The Blessing increases various attributes
  • The materials required will change depending on the level and attribute* The Blessing Attributes are displayed on “Guild-Pray-Blessing”

Recharge Updates

1)Added new [Praying Card Pack] for 10 BCC, which can be purchased 20 times weekly per account.

2)Added [Peak Shard] for 20 BCC, which can be purchased 20 times weekly per account.

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