Get a total of 2,100 Spirals for only $4.99 in Laplace M

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Laplace M has a form of Monthly Premium that allows their player to received perks in the game. They call their premiums as Monthly Spiral where you’ll going to hire a raccoon to give you daily spirals and receive a total of 2,100 Spiral by the end of the month.

You’re not be going to receive all of the 1,200 Spiral when you purchase the Monthly Spiral, but you’ll receive an initial 300 Spirals and a Leveling Gift Pack which contains 5,000 Mana. Then daily, you’ll receive 60 Spirals for 30 days. On top of that, you’ll also receive Spiral Thief’s Bell every 5 days and a Portable Vault.

In total, you’re going to receive 2,100 Spiral which is totally higher than the $29.99 worth of Top Up.

How to Avail Monthly Spiral

To avail the Monthly Spiral, Just click the Benefits button on the top of the screen.

Then go to Monthly Spiral. From here, you can purchase the premium for only $4.99.

Don’t forget to harvest the spiral every day to get your perks. Here is the 2nd-day harvest, claiming the rewards from Swimming Raccoon at the farm.

Next month Monthly Spiral 2-Star Swimming Raccoon, includes 150,000 Silverstar daily and Swimming Raccoon EXP increased.

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