Fairy Fantasy Headwear Gacha (April), Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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Ragnarok M Eternal Love (Mobile) is set to release a new batch of Gacha in their game for the month of April. The newest Gachapon is named Fairy Fantasy where 6 new limited headwear are included in the release. It will be available starting April 1st to May 1st.

These new gacha are already available in the CN server and some peeps already translated an english version for this item.

Below are not the final name of the item, credits ecrunale/jessajoy/Ninja for the translated version.

ItemsDescriptionDeposit Rewards

Dream Star Yarn
Def Pen + 4%

When in attack mode, 100% chance of casting Stardust Field (Freezes target for 3 seconds). Cooldown: 10 seconds

Type: Head
Deposit Reward: Atk +1%, M.Atk +1%
Unlock Reward: Non

Floating Light Crown
M.Def Pen +3%

When in attack mode, 100% chance to reduce target’s Magic Damage Reduction by 5%, movement speed for 5 seoncs.

Type: Head
Deposit Reward: MaxHP + 120
Unlock Reward: Non

Sky Teardrop
Int + 2
Ignore MDef +6%

Type: Face
Deposit Reward: P.Atk +6, M.Atk + 6
Unlock Reward: Non

Month Ruby
Freeze Resistance + 10%

Type: Tail
Deposit Reward: MaxHP + 60, M.Def + 4
Unlock Reward: Non

Popular Echo
All Stat +1
Wind Prop Attack +2%

Type: Back
Deposit Reward: P.Atk + 4, M.Atk +4
Unlock Reward: Non

Moonlight Flowing Feather
VIT + 2
MaxHP + 500

Type: Head
Deposit Reward: MaxHP + 60, Def + 4
Unlock Reward: Non
Credits to fb.com/Bearnard

Ragnarok M Eternal Love also posted a sneak peak of the event from their Facebook page.

“Hey little bird, you are here again.”

A little bird flew by and stood on top of the girl’s shoulder.
She is just lovely Snow Bird. The snowbirds are flying as the dreams going on. They do not have destiny on their journey of life; however, they lose their direction after hearing the girl’s music.

The girl stood on the seashore, all the starlights are shooting towards her. Snowbirds lingering around her, she said: “You are always curious why do I look so different than other humans right? It’s because I’m a Pixie, the sky fairy floating in the air.,”

The girl smiles as the harp playing by the wave.

“Hey little bird”, the girl said, “This is my last song. I will be leaving soon.”
Snowbird does not listen to that.

“I wish I could see you again,” the girl laughs, “This is a great dream.”
The bird waves its feather and goes on its journey. Snowbird will never leave the dream but the girl will wake up and back to the real world. She is still looking forward to seeing snowbirds again.

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