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The most anticipated game Bleach Mobile 3D is finally arrived in the SEA region and in English version. If you are a hard-code RPG gamers, your first impression of the game for the first time is probably; The game is very easy, straight-forward questing and lots of loots you can get from different the rewards. But the truth is when you reach the level 36, leveling up is getting harder and the Challenges opponents are getting stronger, this makes you stuck on some of the level progression.

If you’re new you may not be familiarize with the meaning of each symbol and how the market works, let’s discuss the basic elements of the game.

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Characters Recruitment

In recruit, you can get a random characters fragment or full character by drawing the Recruitment tickets. In the initial game, you probably notice you get a two free character like Yasutora Sado and Uryu Ishida, those are just the example luck that you can get from the Recruitment tickets.

There are two different ticket, Normal Recruitment Ticket and Advanced Recruitment Ticket.

  • Normal Recruitment – Get a chance to receive full SR quality character, full R quality character, SSR fragments and SR fragments.
  • Advanced Recruitment – Get a chance to receive full SSR quality character, full SR quality character and full R quality character.

If you’ve received an already obtained character, it will be converted to fragments.

To compose a character fragments, you need the following item:

  • 30 fragments – R quality character
  • 40 fragments – SR quality character
  • 50 fragments – SSR quality character

Free tickets, you can get this free tickets every 10 minutes for Normal Recruitment (5 per day) and every 24 hours for the Advanced Recruitment.

Gameplay Quests

In the gameplay, you can join 4 different types, each types of gameplay designates different rewards and game mode. You can get rewards like EXP, Crystal, Silver Star, Character Fragments, and more.


Seireitei Contest – In this mode, you can challenge other players in the game, it’s like a PVP mode but you cannot control the character, its in auto-pilot. Winning the game depending on the Power level you have, the higher the power you have compare to the opponents, the better the chance. Here you’ll get a rewards by completing the arena, rewards are Crystals, Advancement Stones and Character Fragments.

Endless Trial – This mode requires you to clear endless stages in the game, each stage you’d cleared will rewards you different in-game items, the next stage will also be harder. You’ll also face a boss on the 9th and 10th stage of every floor.

The Outlaws – A PK mode where you could defeat other players in the agme same as the PVP. but for pro players, there are also monster roaming around this dungeon.

Tough Foe – In this mode, you’ll be challenging other players. Currently, there are few players participating in this mode. (We will update this once we got more info) Rewards you can get here are Weapon Skill Scrolls.

Exam – Earn EXP, Crystals and Gold by just answering the exams. You can find all answers here.


Mod Plan (Multiplayer) – In this dungeon, you’ll earn a EXP rewards by clearing the 6 stages dungeon. In the last stage, you need to defeat the boss monsters. Joining this dungeon requires a party.

Treasure Cavern (Single Player)- In this dungeon, you’ll earn as much as 30,000 EXP and 300,000 Silver Star rewards. The game mode is you need to defeat as many target as you can for just about 3 minutes.

  • E – Initial rank
  • D – 25 target defeated
  • R – 50 target defeated
  • A – 100 target defeated
  • S – 150 target defeated
  • SS – 250 target defeated
  • SSR – 350 target defeated

The Dojo (Multiplayer) – In the dojo, you can receive awards like Jade, EXP and Silver Star. The game mode is there are set of two waves, each waves has a several enemies that you need to defeat, after clearing them the boss will appear. The final boss is an SSR character.


This gameplay is schedule-based and only available for specific time.

Menos Grande Hunt – Rewards you can get here are Gold, Character Fragment chest and Trinket Chest. If you top the ranking, you can get Association contribution and Trinket Chest S.

Soul Reaper Brawl – PVP or Player vs Player, where you’re brawling with other players in the server. The rewards you’ll get here are Crystal, Silver Star, Gold, Mod Spray, and Advanced Martial Chest.

Assoc (Guild)

If you already have an Association or Guild, you can participate in some mini-games.

School Party – You can obtain Association contribution and Crystal. This mini-games is a flip-card game where you need to match and guest two cards in order to flip over and complete the whole cards.

Assoc Sign-in – Your guild leader can sign the rewards and give it to the members.

Assoc Donation – You can give and receive gifts here from other guild members.

Assoc Dungeon – There are 3 bosses that your Association needs to defeat. You can earn Association contribution and EXP Scroll rewards by unlocking the boss progression. Each members given a 1 minute and 30 seconds to make damage to the boss. The last member who kill the boss will also get additional rewards.


The challenge is one of the initial progression you had on this game, completing the challenges gives huge amount of EXP, but when reaching the level 5, its getting harder the boss enemies are stronger and you need a lot of Power level before engaging.

In the challenge, you’ll get two rewards.

Stage Clear Reward – Is where you’ll get the rewards when you complete the stage for the first time. The rewards you’ll get here are EXP and Character EXP pill.

Might Loots – Is where you’ll get the rewards when you clear a stage that is already completed. Rewards are most character fragments and materials.

Daily Chores

Each day, there are different rewards that you need to collect – these items are very useful in the game. So you need to do the following chores each day to grind some free items.

Carnival – The rewards posted here will be unlock based on the day you registered. The last day is the 8th day. You need to complete the objectives in the Carnival in order for you to get the rewards, after 8th day – the list of rewards will be gone. This requires complete attendance to complete, currently the last day rewards is a full SSR character Kenpachi Zaraki.

Welfare – In the welfare, you can get free rewards here like the daily sign-in, free draws, free stamina, 8-day login rewards, adding friends and the retrieve rewards. In the retrieve rewards, you can claim here all of the objective you completed in the game.

Daily – Here, you need to complete a set of daily objective to get the rewards like completing Gameplay quest, earning crystal and more..

Gameplay – Since there is no monsters or enemies in the map that usually find in an MMORPG game, gameplay quest is the additional way to get experience and item rewards.

Character Recruitment – Of-course, don’t forget to claim the free recruitment ticket. This gives you several fragments to compose a full character.

Tips to Get Stronger

If you’ve done all of the basic chores above and earn as much as exp and items, it’s time to get stronger.

Here are the tip that we can give you are the following.

Enhancing Equipment

Make sure to always wear the highest equipment you have and enhance it to the maximum level. Enhancing will give your character descent power level and allow you to obtain the additional attributes from Enhance Master if all of the equipment has the same level divisible by 10. For old equipment, you can recycle this to get a refine stone.

Refining Equipment

This is the most important and one of the best power booster. However, only blue equipment is allowed to be refined. Each refine will give your character a +240 power level.


In your three main character, you can bond other character to get additional assist effect. There is also a Bond effect where you need to match the character with it’s corresponding bond where it gives more passive skill and power level.

Level up (Upgrade) Main and Bond Characters

It is also ideal to level up all of the main and bond characters you obtain in the game, this gives additional power level even though those are not the main character that you’re using.

Advance and Quality Main and Bond Character

Same as leveling up all of the main and bond characters, you also need to upgrade the Quality level and Advance of all of the character, this also gives additional power level.


Equipping a Jade will gives additional attributes for Defense, Blood and Pierce. Everytime you level up a new jade slot will be available. To fill up the jade, you need a Jade to add it. Jade can be purchase at the Mart.

You can also level up the jade using diamonds. Filling up the slot with jade and upgrading it will give as much as 200+ Power level.


It’s no secret that top-up is one of the last resort of becoming too strong in the game immediately, plus it supports developer. But free players may also progress in the game by just grinding daily and could catch up with P2W players.

That’s for now guys, there are things that are not yet covered in this ultimate guide. We will post it on different posting.

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