Answers to Gamma for Speed Test, Laplace M (Tales of Wind)

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On the part Lv.50 Promotion quest, you’re required to answer the questions from Gamma and you need to correctly answer all of it. The questions is pretty tough for newbie players but for players who already deep in the game, you’ll probably have no problem answering them.

The quest is named Speed Test, once you’ve passed this test – you’ll be able to try out the change features of your character class.

Answers to Speed Test

1. Would you achieve victory by any means necessary, selling your friends and your soul? Even it means to betray your creeds as an Assassin? The answer is No.

2. What are the main attributes of an Assassin? The answer is Strength, Agility.

3. Which is the combat skill that an Assassin must learn? The answer is Cross Cleave.

4. If you face the temptation of some invaluable rewards but the price is to sell your friends and your soul. Will you accept it? The answer is No.

5. If the Warrior in front of you fells and the enemies are jumping at you, what would you do? Will you blur into the shadow and hide behind the others or stand up to stop them, protecting those who are more fragile? The answer is Jump in front of them and protect them.

That’s it, after you completed the trial, you can now go to the cathedral to choose your path.

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