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There is a quest that required you to answer all of the questions correctly in order to proceed. This quest will automatically appear in your Quest list once you reach level 18.

The quest is titled Get Stronger, Answer Barbara, the Disciple’s Tutor’s questions. It is a 5 questions and it’s a little bit difficult to answer if you’re a new one like us.

Answers to Disciple’s Tutor’s Questions

1. Which is the main source of Cards? The answer is Card Realms.

2. Which Cards are tradable? The answer is Unidentified Card.

3. How to unlock the hidden power of a Card? The answer is Enhance Cards.

4. How to acquire the Card enhancement material, Mana? The answer is Dismantle Cards.

5. Which points can you use to exchange for Talisman Cards? The answer is Arena Score.

After you answer all of the questions. Talk again to Barbara to proceed with the next step.

You may also watch our full walk-through video guide below!

That’s it! Hope this help you with the quest! If you still have questions or problem. Let us know in the comment sections.

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