This Week, Apex Legends Store Legendary Item features Mirage, Bloodhound and Wraith Skins

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Today is Monday, it also means a new set of item will be posted on the Apex Legends store. This weeks Apex Legends store item features five legendary skins for Mirage, Bloodhound and Wraith, with one legendary weapon skin for Mastiff.

The same price last week, the 4 featured legendary skin is cost 1,800 coins. And a two exclusive Legendary skin that cost 6,500 tokens and 10,500 tokens and requirement of the two Featured skins.

Here are the new Legendary Skins.

Featured Skins

The Revenger Legendary (Mirage Skin) – 1,800 Apex Coin

Void Specialist Legendary (Wraith Skin) – 1,800 Apex Coin

ImperialWarrior Legendary (Bloodhound Skin) – 1,800 Apex Coin

Warp Zone Legendary (Mastiff Weapon Skin) – 1,800 Apex Coins

Exclusive Skins

Great Winter Legendary (Bloodhound Skin) – 10,500 tokens and requires Imperial Warrior.

Airship Assassin Legendary (Wraith Skin) – 6,500 tokens and requires Void Specialist.

That’s all of the new legendary item listed in Apex Store this week. What is your favorite so far? Let us know in the comment section!

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