Ragnarok M Sakura City, Marriage System will be available Soon!

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The official Facebook fanpage of Ragnarok M Eternal Love (Mobile) just recently announced a new feature of the game, which is the most awaited Marriage System. With the Marriage system, players can now in-game married other players with the opposite gender, it also has additional skills updated when you got marriage in game.

Together with this, they also updated the max level in the game, from 100 to 105.

Here is the official announcement of the Ragnarok M Eternal Love.

We have scheduled server maintenance at February 13th 12:00 to 16:00 (GMT+7). We have prepared a brand new update and fixed some bugs within the game. After the server maintenance, we will send 2 Adventure Coins, 2 Hot meals, and 2 Lightning Chain to every adventurer as the compensation rewards. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for understanding.

The update details are as following:

  • Max Base level will increase to 105
  • New major city “Sakura City – Amatsu” will be available, and so as the related main quests, collectible quests, an NPC, etc. For those adventurers with level 95 or above, they will be able to travel to Amatsu at Captain Karoo from Izlude Island.
  • Marriage System will be available.

Marriage system is available

Tips: After finish the mission from “Miss. Hanako” at Amatsu, you will be available to get married.

Wedding Reservation

After this maintenance, players will be able to reserve a wedding date, just go to the new NPC “Miss Happiness” at Prontera Cathedral while holding hands. The wedding reservation fee will be 2 million Zeny. The available wedding reservation date will be the next 14 days from 08:00 to 24:00. Every Wednesday’s from 12:00 to 16:00 will not be available for reservations.

Tips: For those adventurers who haven’t finished “Miss. Hanako” quest, they are able to check the wedding reservation calendars.

Players will receive Wedding process manual after reserve a wedding date. All the ceremony details are listed in the manual.

Due to the policy and regulations, the couples will have to be heterosexual. (We will publish gender-change and other personalize items, to fulfill all the customers’ needs.)

Wedding Process

The steps are as following: Royal Wagon Parade, Friends enter and attend the ceremony, Sacred ritual starts, Happy moment arrives, Realm of romantic honeymoon. After finishing all the steps, you will receive Marriage Certificate.

Marriage Skills

Married couples will receive some exclusive skills

  • Miss you use it to teleport your spouse to your current position
  • Welcome Home teleport to the Honeymoon room
  • Party Buff increase each other’s Base and Job Exp receiving by 1%

Return the Favor

A married couple will be able to accept Return the Favor quest from “Miss. Hanako”, it unlocks the exclusive Honeymoon Room for that couple.

Divorse System

A married couple will be able to apply divorce to each other at NPC “Miss. Happiness” with agreement.

If an individual wish to force divorce with its spouse, then finish the quest from Amstsu NPC “Lucy” with force divorce.

New weekly event – Oracle dungeon

Tips: In the Oracle dungeon, adventurers need to challenge Sigmond’s 60 cards. Each card represents certain monsters, critical environments, or mysterious items. Finish the instance after defeating all the monsters.

When all the party members are level 60 or above, the party leader can talk to the NPC “Fantasy Circus” at Prontera Square to enter the instance.

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