Ragnarok M Marriage System is Now Available! Feb. 14, Let’s Get Married!

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If you can hold a wedding in Ragnarok M, what will it be like?  You may have heard all the romantic love story in Ragnarok M, the purest love story will be holding  hands and travel from Prontera to Amatsu, making vows under the Sakura tree: “I do!” Now it is your turn to write the new romantic chapter. Feb. 14th Ragnarok M: Eternal Love SEA Ver. Sakura Bride is updated to the game, the marriage system is now available!

A Flushed Proposal Experience

It’s been told, in this far east island there is a city where cherry blossom is always up during the year. That is the Sakura City, where everyone is trying to be, Amatsu.

All you will see there is the pink cherry blossom floating in the air plus the ancient eastern architectures, you will meet your other half in here. Holding hands with your lover and watch this beautiful view of the loving season. Laughing and running into the romantic cherry flower rain together will be the happiest thing ever. There is a saying, if you come to Amatsu you will meet your lover in there. In this Sakura Bride Ragnarok M, marriage system is now available. Let’s meet at your wedding ceremony!

A well prepared Wedding Ceremony

Feb. 14th Sakura City – Amatsu grand opening in Ragnarok M, and so as the related main quests, collectible quests, and NPC, etc. For those adventurers with level 95 or above, they will be able to travel to Amatsu at Captain Karoo from Izlude Island.

Adventurers can go to the Cherry Tree to finish the mission from “Miss. Hanako” at Amatsu, you will be available to get married. After finishing the wedding quest, adventurers will be able to reserve wedding date, just go to the new NPC “Miss Happiness” at Prontera Cathedral while holding hands.

Adventurers will receive a Wedding process manual after reserved a wedding date. All the ceremony details are listed in the manual so please read it carefully.

The wedding processes are as follows: Royal Wagon Parade, Friends enter and attend the ceremony, Sacred ritual starts, Happy moment arrives, Realm of a romantic honeymoon. After finishing all the steps, you will receive a Marriage Certificate. Wedding exclusive skills and honeymoon room are waiting for you and your lover to unlock!

About Ragnarok M Eternal Love SEA Ver.

The mobile MMORPG, Ragnarok M: Eternal Love – SEA Ver, published by Gravity Interactive Inc. and operating by Gravity Interactive Inc. & X.D. Global, has been a huge success since its launch and has gathered the attention of players from all over the world.

A flushed wedding proposal ceremony, a wedding ring shows the symbol of happiness, a well-prepared wedding ceremony, and the one the only experience in your life, will you experience that with me? Feb. 14th let’s get married!

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