Pokemon Sword and Shield Coming to Nintendo Switch in late 2019

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Today, Nintendo finally unveiled the 8th Generation Pokemon game during the live stream in their YouTube channel. The game is named Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, and it has a three new starter roster where a player can choose; they’re Grookey a grass type pokemon, Scorbunny a fire-type pokemon and Sobble a water-type pokemon.

The game is set in the world of Galar, a fictional area of England. The new region is compose of different types of environment from city side, forest, craggy, mines and snowy mountains.

Same as other pokemon game, there will be various Gym across the cities of Galar where you can compete to become the number one Pokemon trainer.

The slated release date for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield will be in late of 2019.

You may also watch the official game trailer below.

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