How to Go to Amatsu (Sakura Quest – Engagement Skill), Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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This month of February, Ragnarok M Eternal Love (Mobile) finally release the marriage feature of the game and unlock a new map called Sakura. This small town is where you can unlock the Engagement skill for you to use to your in-game partner and get married.

If you haven’t know how to get to Amatsu Town, what you only need to do is go to Izlude Island. Talk to the captain where you usually go for Endless Tower, there is a new option “Leave for Amatsu”; Select that option to teleport into the Amatsu Town.

When you get to the Amatsu Town, you need to complete the available quest in the map to get the Engagement skills.

Lovesick Ksitigarbha Question

In the middle of the quest, a Lovesick Ksitigarbha will asked you few questions and you need to answer it correctly. The following are the questions and answers.

What would you do if your loved one were in danger during the adventure? The answer is Save her.

If you find that another person who is in the adventure with you loves you, and your loved one is very concerned about this. What would you do with the one who loves you? The answer is Politely Refuse.

The withered tree grows leaves because of the spring rain. As autumn comes, the autumn wind takes the leaves way. What role would you choose to play in this story? The answer is Leaves.

Warm Braw Ksitigarbha (Questions of Warm)

About the one you love, will you stay loyal to each other through poverty and hardship? The answer is O (True).

Will you swear in front of t his warm wind that you will respect and take care of the one you love? The answer is O (True).

Close your eyes and think of the one you love. What color is that person in your mind? The answer is Pink.

Engagement Features Unlocked

After you answered all of the questions and complete the necessary task. Hanako will you the Engagement feature unlocked. From here, you can now engage to other characters in the game for marriage (We will update this post once we got more info).

New Blueprint

There are also three new headwear blueprint in Sakura Island when you purchase from Smile Assistance.

  • Prajna’s Face Blueprint (Complete – Spring All Year)
  • Fox King’s Smiling Face [1] Blueprint (Complete – Cross Dresser)
  • Sakura Blueprint (Complete – Sakura Miracle)

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