How to Get Presents, Red Gift Box in Realm of the Gods, Kingdom Hearts 3

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Here’s a quick guide on how to get the presents or red gift box in the world of Olympus in the Realm of the Gods. When you reaching the stepping stones puzzle, there is a Red Gift Box found on the floating mountain. If you tried to attack it, it won’t break or open, lots of people are stuck on this and unable to get the item inside.

To destroy this gift box, you don’t need a key or some sort of. You just need to find another higher grounds or another floating mountain above the gift box and make a dive attack.

When you reach the mountain or higher grounds, just dive to the Red Gift box and when you’re near, press X to attack.

This will destroy the gift box and you’ll now able to get the item inside.

Item inside is an Elixir. That’s it guys! You may also watch our walkthrough video guide below on how to do this guide.

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