How to fix Rules of Survival (ROS) error after Update, Steam_API.dll

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If you have a problem playing the Rules of Survival (ROS) after updating the game client, giving you an error message like “NeoX Engine: ros.exe – System Error, The program can’t start because steam_api.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.”.

The issue comes from the files coming from the update containing a Steam SDK files, that the developer probably forgot to delete after they release the update. For players who play ROS in the standalone version (No Steam), that file should not be included in the game, or else it will display an error message.

How to Fix Rules of Survival Error (Standalone, Not Steam)

To fix this problem, you need to delete the NtUniSdkSteam.dll from the installation directory of the Rules of Survival game.

To locate the installation directory, right-click the game icon.

Then on the properties, click the “Open File Location…”

It should open the folder for the installation directory, you may now delete the NtUniSdkSteam.dll.

Once you deleted the steam files from the folder, try playing the game again and the error should go away!

Update ROS Client

If you still experiencing problem, you can update your ROS client with the new update “EPIC Clash”.

You can download the new client at

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