How to Craft New Year Blessing Card, Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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One of the card that you can craft during the New Year event of Ragnarok M Eternal Love (Mobile) is the New Year Blessing Card. You can craft this card on King Poring at the South of Prontera.

However, there are 3 required materials that you need to complete in order to craft this card. This guide will show you how to obtain those materials in the game. (This event is only available in SEA server)

MaterialsNeededHow and Where

Beast’s Breath
1 pcsFinish the 6th daily quest of the Year of Pig. You’ll get 1pcs of Beast’s Breath.

Beast’s Mane
1 pcsYou can buy this from Celebration Firecracker shop. Click the item in the bag to open the shop. It cost 600 Celebration Firecrackers.

Celebration Firecrackers
900 pcsYou can get this from completing the following:

20pcs – Mission Board (Once daily)
20pcs – Time Rift (Once daily)
40pcs – Training Ground (Once Daily)

Once you’ve completed all of the required item above, go back to King Poring and craft the card.

That’s it! Enjoy playing guys!

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