How Golden Profile Looks Like in Steam (Lunar New Year 2019 Sale)

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If you’re curious what is the Golden Profile will look like after you redeem the 4,000 Tokens from the reward page. Well, it really turns your profile into gold! We’ve tried redeeming the Golden Profile with the free Tokens and it looks awesome! The font color of your profile and some of the header title will also “goes gold”.

Plus, the Red Lantern on both sides and the year of the beautiful pig-muses sculptures statue are pretty cool! So here is the screenshot from our profile having the Golden Profile in it.

When you redeem the Golden Profile, the profile effects are good for a limited time only. It will expire on February 14, 2019, 3:00am.

You can check Lunar Sale Reward page at

How to Disable Golden Profile

You can disable the Golden Profile by going to your Steam Inventory, and find the item Lunar New Year 2019 Golden Profile, then click the Disable button. You can also enable it back by pressing the Enable button.

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  • 123123123 February 4, 2019 11:00 pm

    Golden profiles are bs

  • Ray February 5, 2019 3:56 am

    How long do all of the upgrade tiers last?


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