Elgato HD60s Error: USB 3 is required for this Device in Mac

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If you’ve been getting an error message in Elgato Game Capture HD program when using your Mac or Windows that says “USB 3 is required for this device, Your capture device is not attached to a USB 3 port. Please remove any hubs between the device and your computer”, this only means that your USB cables are not converted to USB 3.0 signals and you need to use the original cables that come with the device.

There are many scenarios why users get this error, here are some of the example scenarios:

Using Type-C to Type-C cable to Macbook Pro’s

It’s been a year since Apple release a Type-C USB slot for all their MacBook Pros, but Elgato hasn’t fixed this yet or it has something to do with their hardware that is impossible to do a direct connection between Type-C to Type-C. Plugging a Type-C cable directly to your Mac will not work, you need to convert the Type-C signal to USB 3 or the original Cable in order for it to work.

Using Type-C to USB cable to MacBook Pro’s

If you purchase a cable that is Type-C to USB, but it is not powered with USB 3.0; that will not work!

How to fix (Solutions)

The only solution for now is to replace your cable with a Type-C (male) to USB 3 (male) cables or using the original cable that comes from the box;

To use it to your Mac, you need another adapter for USB 3.0 to Type-C.

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